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Final Quality Check

After the production, the quality inspector will carry out a comprehensive quality inspection on the product, including packaging, performance, appearance, etc. Ensure the performance, appearance and packaging of the goods are in good condition and meet the requirements. Inspection of finished products will also be carried out before delivery.


In Put Process Quality Control

Before the product goes online, the quality inspector will confirm the quality of the first product and conduct quality specifications and supervision during the batch production process to ensure the quality of the finished product. (Including first article inspection, tour inspection, online inspection, completion inspection, final article inspection)






Series Of Tests Are Done Before Shipping
Power Test
Noise Test
Product Life Testing
Vibration Test
Touch Type Bending Tail Test
Battery Detection
Toggle Switch Fatigue Life Test
Straightener Pull Life Test

We strive to offer you satisfaction with our qualified products.

Laboratory Tests

Our company has passed IS0 9001 certificate and BSCI audit. Our products have been accredited by several certification authorities both domestically and internationally, including 3C (China Compulsory Certification) approval, European Union quality approval such as CE, GS, ROHS, PAH and USA quality approval like ETL, UL.

Testing Machinery

Secondary Battery Detection Machine
Battery Testing Machine
Digital Power Meter
Noise Meter
Straight-Shot Life Testing Machine
Vibration Testing Machine
Switch Key Life Testing Machine
Toggle Switch Fatigue Life Testing Machine
Touch Type Bending Tail Tester
Straightener Pull Life Tester
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