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Can Flat Iron Be Used for Curling Hair?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-10-21      Origin: Site

If a girl has beautiful curly hair, it is really beautiful scenery. In the past, we could only go to the barbershop if we wanted to curl our hair, which required a long process. It's different now. We can use a flat iron hair straightener and automatic hair curler to make curly hair.


For many years, we have been using wired flat irons to create sleek, straight and stylish straight hair. Straight hair can make girls look youthful and pure. Later, flat iron also applied technological elements to become more advanced and diversified, such as steam flat iron, tourmaline flat iron, 3 in 1 straightener and so on.


Today, we realize that flat iron can not only straighten our hair but also create a curly effect. You only need a heat setting tool to create various shapes, such as loose waves and tight ribbon curls.


Flat Iron VS Curling Iron

The curling iron wand is a hairdressing tool that changes the shape of the hairstyle after high temperatures. Although it can change the shape and style of the hair style and make the styling more colorful, the characteristics of high temperature heating will also cause certain damage to the hair. It is more difficult to comb after curling, and the hair will lose moisture easily, causing the effect of shedding frizz.


If you heat it for a few minutes or longer, serious situations such as smoke, fire or even explosion will occur. In addition, when using ceramic curling irons, you should not drip hair styling water. This is very dangerous, because it can explode.


Even heating of the iron board is the key to long-lasting curls. Tourmaline flat iron can be used to make waves, tight small curls, bohemian curls and even beach waves. You don't need to change the size or tools of the barrel. Once you master the technique, a flat iron can be faster than using a curling iron.


Precautions for Using Flat Iron

The iron generates a lot of heat, and the use of heat-proof spray is a must.


Before you start working, you might as well use a handful of hair to test the effect of hair curling.


Unlike silk wave curlers, irons cannot be used to fix hair, as this will cause hair creases again. When operating the flat iron, you only need to slide your hair over and keep it moving.


To achieve different curling effects, you have to slide through the hair at different speeds. For small waves, use slower and more deliberate movements. For loose waves or large waves, please go through a little faster.


It is best not to curl the same part without letting the hair cool first.


It is necessary to take time to control the movement of the flat iron. This is very helpful for you to understand the amount of compression and speed required for curly hair.


Always curl your hair away from your face.


Turn off the flat iron switch to test curly hair. Otherwise, if you are not familiar with this process, it will cause unnecessary damage to your hair.

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