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Can an electric razor be used to shave my hair?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-04-26      Origin: Site

Quite a few people will ask a strange but interesting question, that is, can they shave their heads with a beard trimmer at home? In fact, this question is very meaningful, and we want to provide you with all the information about this question, so that you can understand the connection between beard trimmers and shaving.


Many people buy a beard trimmer but only use it for shaving the beard. In order to make the product more valuable, they will try to shave their hair with this power tool. This behavior is ok in itself, but not everyone is suitable for shaving their hair in this way. As a man, maintaining a daily tidiness is a job that must be done, and choosing the best beard trimmer that can perfectly trim your beard and shave your head can be a daunting task. Many men find it difficult to find a separate beard or hair trimmer, so dual-purpose tools are preferred. But whether you can use a beard trimmer to shave your head depends on factors such as your razor blade and the experience of the shaver. Beard trimmers are used to trim hair, so most of them come with short blades to ensure a well-trimmed hair. The truth is, if you have no experience with a beard trimmer and know little or nothing about hair cutting, please do not try to manipulate a beard trimmer to shave your head, as one mistake can leave you looking messy.



How does beard trimmer suit shave head?


Choose a sleek beard trimmer

Shaving your hair is a time-consuming job, so the tools you choose must be of solid quality. Once you choose a beard trimmer that can get stuck easily, you can damage both the scalp and the hair. Therefore, before buying a beard trimmer that you plan to use for shaving your head, it's best to read customer reviews and make sure that none of your customers mention that it pulls and obstructs hair.


Trimmers with long blades make shaving easier

If you choose a trimmer with a long blade, you'll be able to shave off excess hair more easily while using them, so you're less likely to injure yourself, even if you're a less skilled novice.


Cut off the excess hair first

If you are determined to shave your head, use a pair of scissors to cut off the younger part of the hair. Make sure the length is no more than 1cm so that the blade touches the innermost part of the hair and eventually all the hair is removed.


Our recommendation

This is one of the products on our list, and like signature products from other brands, this amazing beard trimmer and hair trimmer does a great job of proving the dual function of a beard trim and a shaved head. Our beard and hair trimmers are very good at easily trimming and shaving, lifting and guiding the hair into the blade to ensure efficient trimming and shaving. Our products through professional research, to ensure that users can get a consistent visual experience from all angles after using. The blade of this trimmer is fixed and will not slip and cause accidental injury. The blade material we use is absolutely high quality and environmentally friendly, which can effectively prevent skin allergies. Hair trimmers can be used wired or wirelessly, so you can choose one or the other. Finally, our trimmer is so waterproof that it can be cleaned after use without damaging the body.


From the article, we note that beard trimmers can also shave your head, but this depends on the experience and expertise of the person using them. If you also want to buy such products, welcome to contact us.

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