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Can ordinary electric hair clippers be suitable for pets?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-04-14      Origin: Site

Many people with pets at home want to trim their cats and dogs regularly, but many people have a question, can they directly buy a human-use electric hair clipper to trim their pet's hair? In this way they can also save money. In order to better answer this question, we must first understand the difference between pet hair and human hair.


Compared with human hair, dog hair is more delicate. If you look at these two types of hair with a very high magnifying glass, you will find that humans typically have only one hair per follicle, but many pets have at least three hairs per follicle. This kind of soft hair is very difficult to cut. Dog hair is much thicker than human hair and much more difficult to trim. Therefore, the sharpness of electric scissors has high requirements.


The difference between pet trimmers and human trimmers

Based on various types of hair, razors and hair clippers have very big differences in blade thickness, tip configuration, motor type and design work. The main difference between a pet trimmer and a human trimmer is the motor and the cutter head. The sharpness of trimming pet hair is much higher than that of ordinary human trimmers. Even the steel material, heat treatment, grinding accuracy, pet blade selection, heat treatment and grinding accuracy, including the strength of the spring, are much higher than the latter. Therefore, the overall price of a pet razor will be much more expensive than a human clipper. In addition, different pets and different parts have specific trimming requirements, so pet hair clippers have various sizes and functions. . For example, human beard, hair, other body hair, etc., with different hardness, density, growth direction, and skin curvature, there are different hair removal tools, such as razors, hair clippers, and epilators. So the razor for animals is the same.


The difference between specific parts

In order to meet the shaving needs of human beings, the motor is often strong and durable; the motor of the pet hairdresser is more lightweight, because pets will be afraid of loud or powerful motor and even cause irritation to their skin, so the two cannot be confused.


The human barber kit is equipped with a blade to effectively cut hair. These blades can easily cut any length of hair. However, pet fur is not hair, and human barbers may not be able to trim pet fur as effectively as human hair.


In any case, if people choose to use human electric shaving tools on dogs, they still have to invest in brushes dedicated to combing dog hair.

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