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Combing hair helps you keep healthy

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-11-25      Origin: Site

Combing hair is very common in our daily life, which can make our hair smooth and maintain a good appearance. In fact, if used properly, combing hair can also become a tip to keep healthy.


How to choose the right hair comb?

There are many materials for combs, such as horns, crystals, gold, silver, copper, bamboo, various woods, and plastics. The hair combs of these materials have different characteristics. We can choose wooden combs or horn combs as daily health care appliances. Among  straightener combs made of various materials, wooden combs are the most common. This is because all kinds of wood are relatively easy to obtain, and wood combs are not too cool in a cold environment. They are comfortable to the touch and have the fragrance of wood, which is most easily accepted by people. The horn hair dryer brush straightener is made of natural horns, with a warm texture and comfortable touch. It is also an ideal health comb. It is not recommended to use plastic combs, because plastic combs are prone to static electricity, which can damage hair and scalp.


Regarding the density of the comb teeth, in general, a smoothing hair brush with tighter teeth should be used for short hair, and a straight hair comb brush with sparse teeth should be used for long hair. When combing the hair, it feels smooth and comfortable, and the hair and scalp do not feel pulling or pain as the standard. At the same time, the electric hair comb teeth are required to be neat and the head rounded, so that a better skin fit can be obtained.


When is the best time to comb your hair?

It is recommended to choose the time to comb your hair after getting up in the morning and before going to bed at night. Combing your hair after waking up in the morning can quickly eliminate sleepiness, refresh yourself, and have a good start for the day's work and study. Combing our hair before going to bed at night can help us relieve the fatigue of the day, relieve brain tension, release stress, and help us fall asleep.


The appropriate time for combing hair is 5 minutes to 10 minutes. The time is too short, the stimulation amount is insufficient, and the health care effect cannot be achieved. If it takes too long, it may damage the skin or hair of the head.


What are the precautions for combing hair?

1. Clean straightening brush frequently. The hair straightener will retain dirt after being used for a long time, especially on the roots and sides of the comb teeth, it is easy to breed bacteria, and even become a vector of some scalp diseases, bringing hidden dangers to health.

2. Prevent the generation of static electricity. If the weather is relatively dry or the hair is relatively dry, you can spray some water or conditioner on the hair, which can prevent static electricity and reduce the damage to the scalp and hair by combing.

3. Replace the hair straightening brush in time. If you find that the comb teeth are not straight, broken, or have burrs, you should replace the ionic straightening brush in time.


Have you learned the above combing tips? Combing the hair correctly will help us keep healthy, otherwise it will easily cause damage to the hair.

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