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Have you learned how to choose a sonic facial cleanser?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-06-09      Origin: Site

Sonic facial cleanser has always been an item worth discussing in beauty care equipment, because it has gradually become the daily skin care needs of many beauty lovers. They hope to use the silicone facial cleanser to remove deeper dirt on the face and remove traces of makeup residue. But not all the cleansers on the left and right advertise the exact same effect. Instead, everyone should find the right facial cleanser for their specific needs. This article will describe in detail all kinds of knowledge about the sonic cleansing brush, and clarify how to choose.


Whether it's a sonic facial cleanser or an electric facial cleanser, these cleaning tools essentially cleanse the skin. Whether they can achieve a thorough cleansing of the skin is the ultimate test. They've proven to cleanse the skin more deeply and effectively than hands and towels alone, making them a must-have beauty gadget for most skincare enthusiasts.


So why is the sonic facial cleanser able to occupy the main market in just one or two years, while the electric facial cleansing brush has gradually become a neglected item? In general, sonic waves are a pattern that creates vibrations, while electric facial cleansing brushes are a way to spin in a circular motion. The circular motion of the brush head can irritate the skin to a certain extent. Daily use of an electric facial cleanser can cause the skin to experience too much friction. Conversely, the Sonic Cleansing Brush doesn't have this hindrance. Sonic cleansing brushes work differently, with vibrations that help push dirt and grime out of pores for a deep clean without a drastic exfoliation. We're talking about sonic brushes today, and efficient sonic facial cleansers can achieve 9,000 to 10,000 vibrations per minute.


Any item must be used correctly to get the most out of it. And using a sonic facial cleanser requires knowing how to operate it correctly, because the skin is one of the most important places for most people.


Most of the facial cleansers have relatively common usage guidelines, make full use of their commonality, be reasonable and gentle when cleaning the skin, and your skin condition will surprise you. First, when cleaning the face, the silicone brush head should be attached to the skin in a circular motion, and do not squeeze the skin excessively. This method of application does not leave the skin feeling undue stress. Second, generally we need to focus high-quality silicone facial cleansers on the T-zone, which is the forehead, chin and nose area where most people get oily. The skin around the eyes is very delicate, so remember to avoid facial cleansers. Third, don't think that letting the sonic facial cleanser stay on your face for a long time will better shake out the dirt. Allowing the skin to feel the vibration for a long time can further irritate the skin's barrier.


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