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How to Choose Hair Straightener Brush?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-11-02      Origin: Site

Today, technology has combined the advantages of hair dryers and styling brushes to create products designed to make all women more attractive. How can we choose a hair straightening brush that is easy to use and does not hurt hair? When we search on the shopping app, there will be a variety of straight hair combs that come into view. These electric hair combs are different from function to price, so how do you distinguish them? It is understood that the hair straightening comb has various functions such as negative ions, PTC heating, constant temperature control, anti-scalding design, dual-purpose straight curling, and quick heating function. Here are a few key factors that you must pay attention to.


Now many hair straight clippers have begun to evolve in the direction of straight hair combs, and they have been made into multifunctional combs for straight curly hair. Compared with straight clamps, the straightening comb is better in performance. And many straight hair combs have added black technology, such as negative ion technology, which can reduce the damage to the hair and scalp. The usability of the electric hair straightening comb has also been strengthened. It can not only be used to straighten hair, but also can be used to create black long straights, inner buckles, dovetail curls and other shapes.


Let's look at the simple structure diagram of the straightening comb. The basic components of most straightening combs are nothing more than motors, heat conductors, heating elements and switches. When the power is turned on and the switch is turned on, the heating element generates heat, which is dissipated through the heat conductor. That being the case, the key to determining the price and quality of straight hair combs is mostly in these basic components.


It is understood that we mainly consider the following four factors when choosing a smart hair straightener brush, namely heating element, heat conductor material, temperature control and ion. Is the professional hair straightener a PTC heating element? Is the heat conductor material ceramic glaze? Is it thermostatically controlled? There is no doubt that the ionic hair straightener brush is more supple.


Specifically, hair straightening combs can be roughly divided into ceramic heating elements, PTC heating elements, and heating wire heating elements according to different heating elements. In comparison, PTC is more suitable as a heating element for straight hair combs.


The heat conductor is also called the heating plate. Compared with current heating plates on the market, ceramic glaze is best used. The advantages of ceramic hair straightener brush are as follows: smooth surface, not easy to scratch the hair, good insulation performance and safety performance.


If you don't want your hair to be damaged or permed by high temperature, you must choose a hair straightening comb with constant temperature function or intelligent temperature control.


Ion technology is also an important element in the current hair straightening comb for hair care. Compared with ordinary straight hair clips, straight hair combs are mainly equipped with a negative ion generator in the body. In this way, negatively charged ion particles can be generated when the straightening comb is working. Negative ions can neutralize the positive charge in the hair, thereby reducing the roughness, closing the hair scales, eliminating static electricity, and making it fit and smooth.


The cost of the hot air brush depends on its convenience and function. Manual hot-air styling brushes are always cheaper than rotating hot-air brushes. It is suitable to carry a lightweight hot air brush when traveling.

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