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How to shave a child's hair with a hair clipper?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-05-24      Origin: Site

Generally speaking, children’s hair grows very fast, and it is a big expense to take them to the salon or hair shop to shave their hair every time. If you buy a household electric trimmer, you can not only save the time of taking the children to the salon in line, but also save unnecessary expenses. So how do you use a hair clipper to shave children? After washing the children's hair, prepare a handful that is tall enough so that you can shave as parallel as possible.


Communication needs with children

Of course, you must talk to your child before cutting his hair. The length of hair must be determined according to your preferences. Every child has a unique aesthetic, and parents must communicate with them before specific pruning. You need to make sure that the electric trimmer you buy has a protective cover, and the size of the protective cover is also important. If you choose to use a protective cover with a smaller number, it means that the final trimmed hair will be very short. For children with long hair, it is recommended to use scissors before using barber trimmer.


Move the hair trimmer smoothly

Shaving must start from the back of the head, and you should run the hair trimmer slowly and smoothly. Next, the hair on both sides of the head will ensure the uniformity of the hair length. If you want to make a long top hair style, you need to re-select the protective cover. When trimming the hair near the neck, to avoid cutting your child's skin, please remove the sheath from the hair clipper. Start trimming according to the length he wants to make it form a straight line. For the hair around the ears, in order not to hurt the children's ears, they should fold their ears down and start cutting.


Obviously, it is not difficult to cut children's hair, as long as the electric trimmer is used reasonably, the desired effect can be achieved. The important thing is that you must invest in the best hair clippers for your children. Hair styles are always innovating. In order to keep up with the trend, new tools related to hair cutting and hair care or innovative modifications to existing tools have emerged, including barber clippers. Due to the numerous brands and models on the market, choosing the right hair clippers is not an easy task. Therefore, we hope that this information will help you make choices and choose the most reliable brands. After equipped with a high-quality hair clipper, you can continue to read our article to learn how to cut your child's hair correctly. Hope this article is helpful to parents with children. The Pitch electric hair clipper can be safely used for all young children and even babies. The compact design, simple operation and embracing comb blade make it easy to use. The hair clipper can be adjusted from the palm of your hand and matched with the comb blade to create the hairstyle you want. If you are willing to buy an electric hair clipper, please feel free to contact us or ask us for a price.

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