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How to use electric hair clipper correctly?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-05-26      Origin: Site

The electric hair clipper is a special beauty tool used for trimming all kinds of hair for a long time. Although electric hair clippers have appeared since the 19th century, two centuries of development have made this shaving tool more and more sophisticated and high-end. Although its essence is the same as traditional scissors, it is totally different in principles, and even electric shavers cannot be compared with it.


The predecessor of the electric hair clipper is a manual hair clipper, which is generally composed of a bunch of sharp toothed blades. The hairdresser only needs to press the handle to quickly cut hair. Technological progress means that we have switched from using a pair of manual hair clippers to using electric hair clippers. Similar to a manual hair clipper, an electric hair clipper is designed to cut the hair from the head as quickly as possible. However, over time, modified and advanced designs allowed salons and barber shops to use electric hair clippers as part of their normal haircut/styling procedures.


The special electric barber is mainly motor driven. Each motor is connected to a piston, and the piston is fitted with a sharp blade. As soon as the power to the clipper is turned on, an electric motor drives the clipper to move quickly over the hair. Electric clippers also feature razor blades, which are self-sharpening and can cut hair without damaging the follicles. Although there are many stainless steel electric shears available, we also recommend that you buy electric shears made of ceramic blades. With ceramic blades, they stay sharp longer and cool to the touch even after extended use. However, because ceramics are not good heat conductors, they break easily and can be more expensive to replace than stainless steel.


The modern electric hair clippers currently on the market are specially designed for salon styling. A hair clipper has multiple protective devices. According to different protective cover sizes, hairdressers can choose them to cut in different lengths.


Now that you understand the characteristics of electric hair clippers, it is also important to understand how to use them. Electric clippers are generally not suitable for use in wet methods. Using such tools on dry hair can not only make a better style, but also effectively prevent it from rusting. Although most electric hair clippers are equipped with a variety of sheaths and combs, in order to ensure that your electric hair clippers have a cover that suits your chosen hairstyle, you may wish to take a moment to choose the most suitable electric hair clipper. Welcome to contact us for more information.

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