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Methods of cleaning men’s electric razor

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-03-29      Origin: Site

In order to keep the best shaving effect of the electric razor, the right methods of cleaning are very important. There are some tips that teach you how to clean electric men's razor.


1. If your razor is not washable, you should open the knife net of the electric shaver and use a small brush to clean the remaining shavings from the cutting edge and pores every time. In this way can keep the sharpness of the blade. After cleaning the blade, you need to wipe it with alcohol to ensure that blade is clean and avoid rust on the blades. For those who use the beard straightener for smoothing treatment frequently, cleaning the electric beard comb regularly is also important.

Too often, beard hair straightener is not washable. So you can use the cotton to wipe the ceramic flat iron after using. And make sure it is dry before using the heated beard comb.


2. If you have a wet and dry razor, It is easier to clean. It can be washed by water. You can wash the head of razor and of course, you needn’t to worry about there is any water on the blade. However, it is necessary to rinse the entire razor and make sure that it is dry before next use.


3. There are two types of washable electric shavers on the market. One type is partially washable and the other is whole-body washable. When you clean the shaver which is partial washable, you should remove the knife net and other washable parts after use, put them under the faucet for washing directly. And then install them back after washing and drying. Remember that the battery charging area can not touch the water, or you may damage the shaver.


For those who use the beard straightener brush usually, you’d better choose the wireless straightener because it’s more convenient to clean. Choose the le vite straightening brush, which is water-resistant and safe enough.


Except for cleaning the shaver, learning the technique of maintaining the razor is also important.

In order to ensure the shaving effect, it is best to choose high-performance alkaline batteries for electric shavers. The battery must be taken out to avoid damage to internal parts due to battery leakage, If the battery is left unused for a long time. Each charge and discharge must be sufficient since the batteries of the rechargeable shavers have a memory effect. As for electric comb straightener, you should also ensure each charge and discharge is sufficient to protect the build-in batteries.


To keep the sharpness of the razor blade, you should clean it in time to prevent the skin oils. At the same time, It is also recommended to regularly give some maintenance fluid on the shaver. The blade net should be well protected to avoid any damage.  


To sum up, regular clean of your electric razor is necessary. In order to keep your shaving effect and prolong the service life of your razor, please use the methods above to clean your electric shaver.

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