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Recommended colors for nail art in 2021

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-09-07      Origin: Site

In recent years, nail design and art have quickly become popular. Nail art has now become a space for self-exhibition. Rhinestones, pearls, colorful French manicures and other styles are full of charm. Moreover, nail art will not only make people feel better, but the overall style will be more fashionable with clothes.


Recommended colors for nail art in 2021

Hyuna style nail art

South Korean star Hyuna not only leads the trend in outfits and hairstyles, her nails are also popular among girls. The so-called Hyuna-style nail art is a mix and match of personality. Its background color is highly saturated but very gentle, and the patterns on the nails are simple and cute. The appearance of these individual elements of nail art is actually a bit monotonous, but they are very personal when combined together.


Nude pink series (coral orange or bright pink)

Pink is a very girlish color. If your hands are not white enough, it is recommended to use coral orange instead. This coral orange color is very suitable for Asian skin tone.


Blue series

Whether it is dark blue or light blue, it is full of charm and fashion. This combination of light blue and dark blue is decorated with white and gray, and the fingertips also become beautiful. And the little heart element also makes the style more lovely. Because summer clothes are rich in colors, it is not wrong to choose blue. Do you feel refreshing to turn your nails into a summer starry sky?


Nail care

Only by taking care of your nails, the effect of a manicure will be good. So how should you take care of your nails?


1. If your nails are often broken, you should pay attention to basic maintenance. It is better to use nail sharpeners to cut useless nails and soft skin, and do not have the habit of biting your nails.

2. Always use nail clippers to trim your nails to ensure that the inside of the nail is clean. Girls who have nails should be aware that pointed nails will weaken the toughness of the nails and are very easy to break. The square-shaped nails will easily become an inverted trapezoid after growing for a period of time. You should pay special attention to trimming or use a foot file to adjust them frequently. An oval nail is better.

3. For injured or cracked nails, first use a manicure pedicure set to subtract the excess nails. Then you can use a special nail repair cream on the market, preferably those containing fruit acids or phospholipids, and apply it every other day. After that, you can rub the nail thickening liquid to enhance maintenance.

  nail clipper

Nails are a very inconspicuous but important part of our body. In fact, nails, like other parts, require careful care. As a professional manufacturer of all kinds of care tools, we provide electric nail grinders, facial brushes, facial steamers, blackheads removers, hair curlers and other products. If you have any demand, please kindly send us your inquiry.


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