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The difference between electric pedicure and foot file

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-08-12      Origin: Site

Electric nail grinder is mainly used to facilitate pedicure at home. Whether young people or seniors in their 70s or 80s, as long as they can take care of themselves, they can easily use the electric pedicure at home. A foot file is a pedicure tool for professional pedicurists in a pedicure shop. As ordinary users, we do not have professional pedicure skills and cannot master the method of using a foot file pedicure. If you use a foot file yourself, it is easy to cause scratches on your feet.

 foot callus remover

What is an electric pedicure?

The electric pedicure uses a transformer power adapter to turn the 220V AC power supply into a 12V safe voltage to start the motor rotation, and drive the special cutting grinding head to rotate and grind, so as to trim the footpads, calluses, thick skin, dead skin and thick nails. Moreover, it does not damage normal skin.


What is the foot file pedicure?

A foot callus remover is a tool used to repair old skin and calluses. There are 8 most commonly used knives for a pedicure, each with its purpose. Normal and healthy skin does not need special exfoliation work, but when the keratin metabolism is slow, or even when the skin is sick, in addition to making the skin look uneven, dull, and poor in water retention, even skincare products are not easy to absorb. Then you need to use an electronic foot file to remove the old dead skin cells that should be peeled off long ago.

 electronic foot file

What is the difference between an electric pedicure and a foot file?

Generally speaking, the differences between an electric pedicure and a foot file are as follows.

1. You don't need to soak your feet when using a household electrical foot callus remover, but if you use a foot file to pedicure, you should soak your feet.

2. The use of a household nail sharpener does not require professional pedicure skills, as long as people can take care of themselves, they can use it. The foot file is for professional pedicure masters to use.

3. The electric pedicure is easy to use. The foot file is manual and requires a skilled person to grasp the scale of a pedicure.

4. The electric pedicure has complete pedicure functions, whether it is calluses, footpads, thick skin, corns, or thick nails, onychomycosis, and ingrown nails. A set of household electric pedicure products can perform all-round pedicure work, and foot file uses different knives according to different foot diseases.

5. Electric pedicures are positioned in two groups of users. As a household electric pedicure, the electric pedicure is the best tool for home users. Foot file pedicures are generally used by professional pedicure masters in service organizations such as pedicure shops or pedicure health shops.


Therefore, the choice of pedicure tools should first look at what kind of effect you want to achieve, so as to decide whether to buy a foot file or an electric pedicure.



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