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The difference between epilator and shaver

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-07-15      Origin: Site


For every girl who loves beauty, hair trimmers are not strange. But do you know the difference between a lady’s epilator and a shaver?


Working principle

The working principle of an electric epilator is the same as plucking eyebrows with tweezers, which is to pluck each hair from the hair follicle as a whole. The hair removal cutter head is a rolling wheel. The rolling wheel is covered with precision clamping wheels. The gaps on one side of the clamping wheels are open and the other is clamped, just like small tweezers. When working, the rolling wheels will rotate rapidly, driving these small clamping wheels to push the hairs on the skin surface from the side of the opening into the narrowest gap, and then drag them all away.


The working principle of an electric shaver is actually similar to that of a razor. The hair is cut through the interaction of the knife net on the outside of the cutter head and the inner blade. When working, the hair enters the mesh of the knife net, and the blade inside will quickly move horizontally to the left and right to cut the hair in the mesh.

 female epilator

Hair removal cycle

The hair removal cycle of the female epilator is about 4 weeks, and the cycle of the female shaver is about 2 weeks. From the time point of view, the time of the female epilator is longer, but there is a little discomfort when using the female epilator. From this point of view, there are pros and cons each product.


Scope of application

The application range of electric hair removal machine epilator is relatively small, because it is necessary to pluck the hair, so the sensitive part is not suitable for this type of product. When removing the underarm hair, first cut the hair to a certain length.


The rechargeable electric shaver can be used in a wide range of areas, and can be used under the arms and legs, even in the bikini area. As long as you don't rub the skin too hard, it will not cause irritation. Moreover, the shaver is very quick and convenient to use. If you have a temporary appointment and have not done a good job of hair removal before, it is very suitable to apply an electric body shaver.

 female epilator


Do not use any moisturizing lotion before using the female epilator hair remover, and only apply after the hair is removed. However, you can apply some moisturizing lotion and body lotion before using the female hair shavers, or make some lotion that inhibits hair growth.



Due to the different working principles, the price of an electric shaver is relatively low. The price of an electric epilator is relatively expensive.


Do you know the difference between an epilator and a shaver now? Each product has its own characteristics and shortcomings, you can choose according to your needs. The next article will introduce shaving razors and hair removal creams. Follow us to learn more.

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