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What Are the Differences between Ion Hair Dryer and Ceramic Hair Dryer?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-09-21      Origin: Site

Hair dryers have different types of heating elements, so there are many types, such as ceramic hair dryer, tourmaline hair dryer, titanium hair dryer, ionic hair dryer and nano hair dryer. In fact, you can choose different types of hair dryers according to different types of hair. The most efficient new hair dryer is a combination of ion, ceramic and tourmaline. This article mainly introduces the difference between ion hair dryer and ceramic hair dryer.


Ion Hair Dryer VS Ceramic Hair Dryer

Wet hair with a traditional hair dryer can easily be damaged by the hot air of the hair dryer, and the nutrients will also be evaporated by high temperature. Long-term use will cause the hair to become frizzy, difficult to care for, and even dry. Damaged yellowing condition.


The ionic blow dryer has a unique technology. It creates an electromagnetic field and releases negatively charged ions. Negatively charged ions destroy the positively charged water molecules and lock the epidermis of the hair so that moisture can be retained in it. Moisture can make your hair look shiny and moisturized.


The electromagnetic wave generated by the electric hair dryer is mainly because the heating wire is energized to generate heat, coupled with the operation of the motor behind, the interaction generates a high magnetic field. So as the name suggests, we have to replace this heating element and use a ceramic heating element. In these types of hair dryers, the heating coil or any internal parts of the hair dryer are made of ceramic. A ceramic hair dryer is a hair dryer that uses ceramics as a heating element, not to say that the entire hair dryer is made of ceramics.


The advantages of ion hair dryers are that they are fast, windy, and will not damage the hair. Second, using an ion hair dryer to dry hair requires less drying time. The ion hair dryer can blow hot air and evaporate water. The ion hair dryer can lock the moisture in the hair. This hair dryer is suitable for fine hair.


The disadvantages of ion hair dryers are also significant. It is not recommended to use ion hair dryers for a long period of time because they can form potentially harmful electromagnetic fields. Ion hair dryers are expensive and are not suitable for very thin and curly long hair.


The advantages of ceramic hair dryers are mainly reflected in the following aspects. The ceramic material in the ceramic hair dryer can provide uniform heat across the entire surface. The ceramic hair dryer produces infrared rays, which will not burn the hair and damage the hair. It is suitable for styling and hair. Similarly, the ceramic hair dryer locks the cuticle of the hair and keeps the moisture in the hair, making the hair smooth and shiny. The negative ions produced by the ceramic hair dryer help to remove frizz in the hair. The ceramic dryer generates even heat without making hair rough and damaged.


Compared with traditional hair dryers with metal coils and vintage hair dryers, ceramic hair dryers are expensive.


In addition to the above two hair dryers, there are now many hair dryers that use advanced technology, such as reverse hair dryer and cordless hair dryer.

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