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What Are the Secrets to Long-lasting Curly Hair?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-10-07      Origin: Site

Fashion is the pursuit of many beautiful girls. How to care for the curly hair while having a charming curly hair to make the curly hair look more permanent and beautiful? There are some tips to help curly hair last.


1. Cool Curly Hair Down

Allowing curls to cool and fix and then loosen is one of the effective techniques for maintaining curls. Take out the curls and fix them with clips or hairpins. When the hair is 70-80% dry, we divide the hair into 1 to 3 cm wide tresses, then evenly roll them into curls and fix them with hair clips, then spray the styling product, and remove the curls when they are dry. At this time, the tools we use mainly include 3 barrel curling iron, silk ribbon curler, wavy hair curler and so on.


When the hair is wrapped around the curling iron wand, the heat is transferred to the hair strands. Therefore, one of the secrets to making curls last longer is to let the fixed curls cool down, and then the stratum corneum will be closed and fixed in place.


If you don't have enough time to set your curly hair, you can fix it all on the scalp and blow cold air at them from a distance with a hair dryer for curly hair.


Therefore, you can always keep some curling tools at home, such as wave curling iron, heatless hair curler and rotating curling iron.


2. Curly Hair Blowing without Damaging the Hair

When using a curly hair dryer, blow from the root to the end of the hair, otherwise the squamous tissues of the hair epidermis will be blown over and the hair will be damaged. In addition, the blow dryer for curly hair has to move along the direction of the comb, so that the hair can produce gloss and look bright, and it is not easy to lose shape.


3. Increase the Number of Cleanings

Oily hair is easy to stick to the scalp softly after curling, making the originally very fluffy hairstyle look awkward. If you want to make curly hair fluffy and dynamic, the easiest way is to increase the number of shampoos.


4. Styling Products That Do More with Less

When styling curly hair, most people choose elastin. Using elastin will make the hair heavier and have a feeling of draping, which is suitable for hair with more volume. When applying elastin, rub gently from the top of the hair up, not from the root down, which will straighten the hair and damage the curl. Generally, the effect is better when the hair is 70% to 80% dry. However, if your hair is relatively soft, it is more suitable to use mousse, hair wax or nutrient water, foam hair wax and the like. Because the texture of mousse is relatively light, it will not change the curl of hair like elastin. When choosing elastin, please try your best to choose products that are hand-applied. This type of product is more uniform in use, and increases strength and flexibility.


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