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What are the standards and principles of men's body grooming?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-05-05      Origin: Site

Most young people in modern society don't like to have heavy hair on their bodies. They will use some equipment to trim their hair, hoping that their hair can look neat and charming. But for a large number of people, how to properly trim and groom their hair is still a big issue worth considering. For men, body hair maintenance is a very important job. Maintaining a stable shape of body hair is a major element of men's charm. The following tips are suggestions from professionals for many years to help men gain body hair care experience more efficiently.


Choosing the right hair trimmer

Among all the tools (trim, tweezers, razor, laser, waxer), the trimmer will definitely become the most intimate one of men's beauty equipment. The trimmers with different protection lengths can well make the perfect shape for the thick chest hair. They can help men with strong body hair to remove a lot of chest hair and make a certain shape on the remaining chest hair. Our professionals point out that if men don’t pursue an excessively smooth effect, the trimmer is almost perfect.


Wax paper

Many beauty salons and beauty agencies have advertised that as long as you stick to waxing for one to two months, when the next time the hair grows, it will be softer than before. In fact, many men have richer back hairs than their heads, so waxing would be a very good choice. But it should be noted that, try not to consume coffee before waxing, which will make the skin sensitive and increase the irritation to the skin during the waxing process. In addition, waxing is a simple and effective way for men or skin smoothing effects.


Don't use facial beard trimmers

The body shaver is specially designed with a comfort shield and lubricating strip, so it is more comfortable on the skin of novice shavers. So don't use your own beard trimmer to clean up the body's hair, which will cause big problems and misunderstandings.


Back hair should be treated carefully

Trimming your back hair may be a test of patience and coordination, but it will be much easier to use the correct beauty and body tools. Use a body razor or trimmer with a retractable arm so that you can see the reflection on your back and shave in the direction of hair growth.


Use shaving gel

Men usually use cleansing foam when trimming their beards, but for body hair, those foams used on the face will bring a lot of trouble to your shaving journey. On the contrary, the gel is usually transparent, which is undoubtedly an advantage when men try to avoid shaving the hair around the nipples or other sensitive areas. To prepare for shaving, wash and exfoliate the area, pat dry, and lubricate it with shaving gel.



The treatment and shaving of body hair is not very simple. But buying the right pruning tool will make you do more with less. If you want to make your shaving process faster, try buying a trimmer.

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