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What is the difference between a beard trimmer and a professional hair clipper?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-05-03      Origin: Site

Many beard trimmers and hair clippers are so similar in appearance that many people cannot distinguish the core difference between the two. Both men and women in contemporary society pay much attention to their external appearance, and their attention to personal beauty equipment is also increasing. For men, having a neat and clean exterior will undoubtedly get more women's favor. The beard trimmer and hair clipper greatly facilitate men's daily maintenance. At present, these electric beauty equipment are easy to buy in the market. In order for men to better distinguish between beard trimmer and hair clipper and finally choose the most suitable product for them, we will explain the difference between the two in detail today.


The main difference between the two

Beard trimmer: Most trimmers are of wireless design, and the blades in them are very thin, which can cut hair closer to the skin. This type of machine is very suitable for building fine hair. The beard trimmer is mainly used for trimming and styling beard and facial hair. Compared with the hair clipper, as it uses a memory blade, it can provide you with a closer shave, so it will not pluck the hair follicles by the roots.


Hair clippers: Professional hair clippers are mainly wired designs, and they are mainly for cutting long hair. Compared with trimmers, their blades are thicker and heavier. The hair clipper is very suitable for layered cutting, and even different levels can be set to meet the different requirements of hair cutting needs.



What are the advantages of the two

Beard trimmer: The biggest purpose of a beard trimmer is to trim hair that looks like a beard, that is, it is mainly used for embellishment. Trimmers will make your facial hair look neat and orderly. You can easily use the trimmer to outline the hair you want on your neck, ears and other sensitive areas. When your skin is sensitive, you must use a trimmer to get a smooth experience. Because they don't cause scratches, bumps, or other damage, they provide a very flattering shave. Besides, the blades are always sharp and it only takes you a moment to finish shaving. Also, unlike other clippers, trimmers don't destroy your hair follicles by uprooting your hair. You certainly won't develop any rash or irritation during this process.


Hair clipper: Hair clippers have the ability and strength to create exquisite and fashionable hairstyles. Most hair clippers found on the market now have multiple settings and can be cut to different lengths according to your needs. More importantly, the history and use of beard trimmers and hair clippers are different. The hair clipper is designed for cutting more hair because it can smoothly pass through thick or curly hair.



In general, there are some essential differences between the two, and they are basically not used for the same work. But if you are going to shave your head, then the difference between the two is not so important to you. In fact, if you want to have the best cutting experience, they complement each other. You can choose to buy both. If you have such a need, you can contact us at any time.

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