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What's so great about the ultrasonic skin scrubber that everyone needs?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-06-02      Origin: Site

Ultrasonic scalpel is also called ultrasonic facial scraper. The reason why it is so popular is because of the unique ultrasonic technology. Ultrasound is a sound wave frequency that can be heard by people and vibrates more than 20,000 times per second. When home beauty equipment was not yet common, ultrasonic facial spatulas appeared more in professional beauty centers or salons, and were tools specially used for pre-cleaning work. The top of the skin scrubber is a smooth metal blade that fits perfectly against the skin of the face. If you want to deeply cleanse the skin and hope that the follow-up skin care products can be better absorbed, then the ultrasonic spatula is essential.


Human skin mainly has three layers, the innermost layer is the subcutaneous layer, the middle layer is the dermis layer, and the outermost layer is the epidermis of the skin. The epidermis also has several layers of tissue, and the outermost layer is what we often call the stratum corneum. The stratum corneum is mainly used to block the external sunlight, a barrier for bacteria. Under normal circumstances, the stratum corneum will naturally fall off within a certain period of time, so that new cells will be formed slowly. However, there will always be some residual stratum corneum that falls off naturally. If you don’t get professional care and help for a long time, these stratum corneum will eventually accumulate on the surface of the skin and slowly evolve into irritating problems such as blackheads or acne. But using the ultrasonic skin scrubber to slide on the skin, the high-frequency vibration will accelerate the shedding of epidermal cells and allow the epidermal cells to penetrate.


What are the benefits of exfoliating?

As mentioned above, keratin itself is a barrier on the surface of the skin, but if the keratin is not completely cleaned for a long time, these waste keratin will cause dead skin or oil to accumulate continuously, so that some dirt inside the pores can be cleaned up. Stimulates circulation, collagen production and the rate of cell regeneration. This unclogging of pores also reduces the risk of blemishes, breakouts and ingrown hairs.


The skin scrubber can also be used as a skincare booster when cleaning is done properly with the ultrasonic skin scrubber. Apply the skin care product evenly to the face, then use the stainless steel metal spatula to gently glide over the face. The vibration of the scraper will make the skin care products penetrate continuously, and the skin will be more nourished. As a good-care metal spatula, it does not waste skin care products on the face, and it is easy to maintain. So if you prefer to DIY in the comfort and convenience of your home, there are plenty of options to choose from, and they're both easy and safe to use, if not as powerful as the commercial ones.


Ningbo Goodsky Electric Co., Ltd. is a professional OEM and ODM supplier of personal care products. We specialize in the production of various household personal care products. We have our own professional design team, which can well meet the needs of different customers. Professional ultrasonic skin scrubber products are one of our main businesses. We have many years of experience in the production and design of skin care devices. Any customer in need can contact us.

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