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Which is better, dry shaving or wet shaving?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-03-24      Origin: Site

Dry shaving and wet shaving both have advantages and work differently. You can choose one of them according to your skin type. This article is about the differences between dry and wet shaving. I believe you can choose one of them which is suitable for you.


what is dry shaving and wet shaving?


Dry shaving: The purpose of dry shaving is to use an electric razor to shave the hairs just above the skin. That means dry shaving is a method of shaving that doesn’t use any shaving soap or cream and so on. There are many tips of dry shaving online, you should choose a beard trimmer which is designed for dry shaving.


Wet shaving: Obviously, wet shaving is the shaving that requires water soap or cream. Some will use the pre-shave creams and aftershaves. Wet shaving often do not touch the skin directly. There are lots of products designed for wet shaving. So choose one of them which is work better for you.


For those who want to keep their beard, in addition to trimming the beard, it is also important to straighten it. Beard straightener may be a good helper for smoothing treatment. Choose a beard hair straightener and use it if you need. This will make you look hygienic.


To sum up, the key difference between dry shaving and wet shaving is the way the razor cuts the hair. Dry shaving don’t need any lubricants and water compared to wet shaving. Because dry shaving cuts the hairs above the skin, so the razor doesnt close the skin. So some men find it helpful to reduce the irritation. The blade doesn’t contact the skin, which minimize the abrasion, and the hairs dont irritate the underside of the skin as they grow back. While the wet shaving produces a closer shave than dry shaving. The razors used in wet shaving cut the hairs below the skin. so as the hairs grow back, they can sometimes irritate the skin.

The other differences between dry shaving and wet shaving are as follows.


Shaving Experience

Generally speaking, the enjoyment is one reason many men choose wet shaving over dry. High quality soaps and creams must create enjoyable experience.



Dry shaving takes less time than wet shaving. Dry shaving means that you don’t need to take time to make preparations. It’s the ideal solution for those who are always in a rush! By the way, for those who have long beards, a beard straightener comb can also helps you to save time, as it is easy to use the heated beard brush. And the cordless beard straightener is convenient to carry with and can be used in any time.



Electric shavers and cartridge razors do have a lower operational cost, but the former usually have a higher initial cost. You can save money on shaving creams and soaps with dry shaving. The price of electric beard combs are various too. You can ask your friends which is the best beard straightener comb for you.

You need to look at the advantages of the dry shaving and wet shaving to decide which factors affect you most and decide whether dry or wet shaving. For those who want to buy a beard straightener for men, you should look the advantages and disadvantages to decide what is the best beard straightening comb for you too.

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