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Why Is the Effect Not Obvious after Using the Curling Iron?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-10-12      Origin: Site

Many people will browse photos of women with gorgeous long curly hair on the Internet. You spend an hour or more in front of the mirror, hoping to create perfect curls with hair curler wand. However, it didn't take long before the fluffy curly hair looked flat and lifeless.


Many beloved women will curl their hair in a large barrel curling iron or an automatic hair curler before they are born. The curls produced in this way can last longer. But there are also many people wondering why the large curling wand is used but the hair is not curled?


Why does our curly hair lose shape so quickly? We can get inspiration from the following misunderstandings of curly hair.


1.Not using the right tools


The ceramic curling iron heats the hair evenly, so that the curls always remain the same size. Many people mistakenly believe that very hot professional curling iron can achieve good curling results. In fact, people with thicker hair need more calories than hair thinner or thinner.


You have to determine the length of your curly hair, short hair or long hair, big waves or small waves, especially to understand how to curl your bangs. We need to know that the curling iron has a different effect on curling inward and outward. There are different types of curling wands, such as curling wand for short/long hair, thin curling wand, curling wand for thick hair, etc.


It is important to choose the curling iron that suits you. It is better to choose a matte material with ceramic treatment on the surface of the curling iron. The ceramic curling iron is not only easy to comb, but also less damage to the hair quality. Although the shiny material conducts heat quickly, it is easy to damage the hair and scorch the hair.


The tooth profile of the reel should not be too sharp to avoid puncturing the skin. It must have good insulation properties to ensure no leakage. At the time of purchase, you can turn on the power to check whether it is normal. It is best to choose a hair curler with a thermostat. When using it, you can choose an appropriate temperature according to the thickness and hardness of each person's hair to avoid damage to the hair and skin due to excessive temperature.


In short, you can use curling irons, irons with wavy hair curlers, or even ceramic flat irons to create waves.


2.You are not cutting your hair


If you have a lot of hair, segmentation is necessary. It is easy to miss fragments without segmentation.


If you are using a small barrel curling iron, most of the hair will not have the same heat on the iron.


The hair is not stratified, which is a serious low-level error. This situation will cause the curling iron to not perform its normal effects, and the curling iron will be very uneven.


3. Don't style your hair and use essential oils


If you dont want to get up early to get your haircut the next day, you can get it done at night in advance, then apply hair care oil and tie it up.


Use 1-2 drops after each curling, rub your hands evenly and spread it all over the hair. This can effectively improve the dryness, frizz, and split ends of the hair. It can also repair multiple curls.


Be careful not to use straight combs.


In summary, avoiding these misunderstandings can bring extraordinary results to your curly hair.

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