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Worldwide Electric Shavers Industry Research

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-03-10      Origin: Site

The primary factors driving the male electric shaver market growth include the rising concerns regarding male personal grooming that is significantly boosting the adoption of numerous convenience products which is further positively impacting the market growth. Furthermore, the market is poised to grow on account of the changing fashion trend that has led to increased demand for male grooming products due to the rising trend of beard, stubble, and goatees, especially among the millennial population. The rapid integration of male grooming products particularly related to beard care such as essential oils, wax, and washes among others further shows the inclination towards the beard fashion, which in turn, is also anticipated to positively impact the market growth during the next five years.



With the development of social media, male grooming market and grooming products grow some new changes.


Trend one: The rising consumer needs have led to the continuous product innovations


The rising consumer needs have led to the continuous product innovations as the key players in the market are investing heavily in the R&D for the development and launch of new products to cater to the growing consumer requirements. The players like Pritech are rapidly investing in the expansion of the product portfolio with an aim to tap the potential that the market holds.


Also, the entry of new players in the market due to the growing consumer requirements and enter a new business segment also shows the potential for the market to grow in the near future. For instance, Pritech, a leading Chinese electronics manufacturing company announced the launch of its latest electric shaver for the sale in the global market.


Trend two: Brands are no longer pandering to “maleness” in the way they once did



When it comes to the classically challenged male grooming market, brands are no longer pandering to “maleness” in the way they once did. Rather than implementing male-focused packaging (think: grenade-shaped flacons or whiskey-infused formulas) and marketing campaigns that follow suit, the new guard of male-facing products instead favors thoughtfulness, authenticity and an increasingly powerful paradigm of universality. Similarly, male influencers who don everything from perfectly coiffed pompadours to eyeshadow are becoming more visible, touted beauty lines that target all consumers—forever altering the industry’s historical gender divide.


“With the rise of generation selfie, men’s makeup and grooming are becoming increasingly accepted and commonplace,” says Conor Begley, co-founder and president, Tribe Dynamics. “We’re seeing that more traditional grooming brands are gaining traction with moisturizers and beard oils, while the “beauty boys” of Instagram and YouTube are subverting traditional gender norms in beauty marketing.”



Trend three: The recent outbreak of COVID-19 has led to an upsurge in the demand for male grooming products.


As the outbreak, which has been already, declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization is difficult to contain. Due to this, the government of various countries has issued various directives in which the closure of salons and social distancing in some places is mandatory. This is also considered to be a key factor expected to propel the demand for electric shavers for home grooming, especially during the short run.


The beard grooming set market has been classified on the basis of type, distribution channel, and geography. By type, the electric shavers market has been segmented into foil shaver and rotary shaver. By distribution channel, the segmentation has been done online and offline. Geographically, the classification of the market has been done into North America, South America, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Asia Pacific.


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