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All questions about if electric toothbrushes can get wet

The question of whether electric toothbrushes can get wet is a question that is asked quite frequently.

Water resistant VS Waterproof

First we need know about the definition of water resistant and waterproof. According to Google’s definition of waterpoof is defined as “impervious to water” whereas water resistant is “able to resist the penetration of water to some degree but not entirely”.

But power toothbrushes are water resistant rather than waterproof. This means that they will withstand exposure to water for long periods of time and frequently, but potentially at some point the water may get into and may damage the toothbrush, often rendering it useless.

There are also have many other questions about the use of battery powered toothbrushes.

A: Can I use my electric toothbrush in the shower?

Q: The majority of power brushes are water resistant and can be rinsed under water, so the use within a shower is usually fine.  You do this however at your own risk.

Potentially use in the shower could invalidate the warranty, but it would be very unlikely to become an issue unless they could prove you did this.

DO NOT take or use the charging base or associated charging accessories in the shower.  If you are going to do this, use only the brush handle and head.

A: Can I immerse my brush in water?  For example put it in the bath?

Q: No. On no account is this advised. Should it be, it may stop working and could potentially give an electric shock.

A: My electric toothbrush has removable batteries can it still get wet?

Q: Yes, normally this is fine. The seals on a compartment for removable batteries are generally robust but are perhaps more prone to damage than those brushes with built in batteries, so always be careful and do check the condition of seals.  If at all concerned, avoid immersion in water.  Use the likes of a damp cloth to clean off.

A: Can I get an electric shock from using the toothbrush in water?

Q: Potentially yes, but the chances are very very slim.

As I have explained most power brushes are water resistant and will generally not allow the electronics to get wet, but it could happen, if seals fail or the brush is damaged in any way.

Should this happen, the resulting electric shock is unlikely to be too severe.  The voltage of the batteries, be those removable or internal are quite low and is less likely to cause serious injury if a shock should occur.  But, circumstances and people can react differently, so be cautious.

A: Is my toothbrush water resistant?

Q: The likelihood is yes as has been explained throughout this article.  However conditions can vary between brands and specific models.  Therefore it is always worth checking with the manufacturer and taking their advice.

A: Can electric toothbrushes get wet? Can I clean my toothbrush with water?

Q: As per the wording from the brush manufacturers it is fine to rinse your toothbrush (handle and head) under water and in many cases use a cloth and mild soap too.

Do not wash or rinse any of the charging appliances under water.

For more directions on how best to clean your brush, you can refer to our post how to clean your electric toothbrush.

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