Blog 05 Jun 2024
Are Hair Straighteners, Hair Dryers and Curling Irons Brought on the Plane?

Good hair straightenerhair curling iron and lightweight hair dryer are indispensable tools for girls to create hairdressing. They can be used at home and when traveling. But it is inevitable that you will have to take a plane when you travel far, so you must have the following questions. Can this hair straightener be taken on the plane? If you want to curl your hair, will you carry curling irons in your suitcase? Are hair dryers allowed on the plane? This article will answer these questions for you one by one. Many people want to be able to do hair styling while traveling. In fact, you can take these items with you during your travels.

Can you carry a travel hair straightener in your cabin or handbag when you fly? The answer is yes. The wireless hair straightener is not a dangerous article, and it is in line with airline regulations to bring it on the plane. In addition, the current small hair straighteners on the market have been treated with a ceramic matte surface, which will not conduct electricity or explode. You can take it on the plane with peace of mind.

If you travel with checked baggage, you can pack a mini hair straightener. If you pack your luggage after using a hair straightener in the morning, you’d better wrap it in a towel. Because the straightener without cooling is placed directly in the luggage, it is very likely that clothes and other items will be burned.

Can we bring hair dryers in our carry-on luggage? When traveling, the hair dryer provided by some hotels where you live is very small and can hardly dry your hair. Before you set off, you might wonder whether you can take the hair dryer on the plane. In fact, like hair straighteners, hair dryers can also be carried in handbags and checked luggage. But some twin turbo hair dryers are heavy, and the hotel will provide wall mounted hair dryers. In view of the above two points, the hair dryer may not appear in your packing list.

Hot rollers for long hair can be taken on the plane as long as it does not exceed the specified size and weight. Curling irons are not unacceptable items and are not subject to restrictions. They can be checked in with luggage or carried on board the plane. The length, width, and height of each carry-on item shall not exceed 55 cm, 40 cm, and 20 cm respectively. Items exceeding the length, width, and height shall be checked as checked baggage.

In addition, if you are going to travel abroad, then understanding the difference in voltage and plug styles is the basic knowledge point. You can search for dual voltage hair straighteners on the website. The same goes for dual-voltage hair dryers and curling irons.

In short, we can take hair straighteners, hair dryers, and curling irons on the plane. The premise is to refer to the regulations of different airlines.  As long as these hairdressing tools do not exceed the prescribed size and weight, they can travel with you.

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