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Can the facial cleansing brushes be applied to all skin types?

Facial cleansing brush is the latest cleansing method that has emerged in recent years. It mainly uses the principle of ultrasonic waves to vibrate the fine hairs on the face brush, so as to achieve an efficient cleaning and massage effect. The facial cleanser can deeply clean the pores. Some facial cleansers with better results can effectively adjust skin tone, improve facial skin problems, and improve large pores if used consistently.

How to use the cleansing brush

Some people think that the facial brush is easy to use and can be used to cleanse the face directly. Since the bristles of most facial cleansers are made of chemical fiber, the bristles are harder and rough when dry, and they are easy to wear and damage the skin. Therefore, after soaking, be sure to use a smooth texture cleansing lotion or cleansing foam to cushion the friction of the brush head on the facial skin.

When using a sonic facial brush, generally choose a low rotation speed. The speed of 300 per minute can effectively remove the dirt on the face, so that it will not damage the surface cells of the skin and will not cause the facial skin to become thinner and thinner. Oily skin can be washed for a while longer than dry and sensitive skin, 2~3 minutes is fine. Although the cleansing effect of the electric face cleanser is better, it should not be used too frequently.

Is the cleansing brush suitable for all skin type?

There are various designs of facial cleansing instruments. From the material of the brush head to the density of the bristles, and the power of the brush head, there are many different types for different skin types to choose from. But the doctor recommends choosing a gentle cleansing device as much as possible. People with sensitive skin, wounds on their faces, severe pustules, or people undergoing medical cosmetic treatments should try not to use it.

Oily skin

The stratum corneum of oily skin is thick. In the hot summer season, the oil on the face will be more serious, and the oil secreted by it will be easy to stick to dust. Therefore, under this condition, it is no problem to use the cleansing instrument once every night. In the drier autumn and winter season, it is recommended to reduce the number of uses of the cleanser, 3-4 times a week is enough.

Dry skin

The cortex of dry skin is relatively dry and fragile. Even in wet weather, you can use theface cleanser machine2-3 times a week. Because facial cleansers generally vibrate and rotate to clean skin pores, it will be irritating to dry skin.

Sensitive skin

It is recommended not to use the skin cleansing brush on a daily basis for sensitive skin, but you can use it to clean the keratin. It is enough to use it 1-2 times a month.

Can the facial cleanser remove makeup?

Make-up contains oil and fat ingredients. Using a facial cleanser to remove makeup will accelerate the aging of the brush head. Therefore, it is recommended that you use a facial brush to clean after removing your makeup.

If you are confused how to choose a facial cleanser, welcome to contact us to get professional advice.

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