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Can the facial steamer be used every day?

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The facial steamer is a moisturizing and beautifying device. The sprayed mist particles can not only open pores but also help detoxify the skin and accelerate blood circulation. But in fact, some people use the face steamer incorrectly. The wrong approach not only fails to make the facial skin healthy, it can even make the skin more sensitive.

Can the facial steamer be used every day?

It is recommended to use the skin steamer once a week. Using a facial steamer to steam for acne prone skin can moisturize and clean your skin, relax facial muscles and relieve emotions. But even if the facial steamer is so effective, it still cannot be used every day. If you use a face humidifier steaming face daily, it will not have the beauty effect and make your skin fragile. Frequent use of the steamer will cause the skin to lose moisture.

How to use the face steamer correctly?

1. Wash your face. Whether you’re wearing makeup or not, the first thing to do is to wash all the grease and dirt off your face. Before using the face humidifier, you should first wash your face. The pores will open while steaming your face so that the dirt will block the pores and make the skin more unhealthy if the skin is very dirty to use the face steamer.

2. Add pure water. Add cold pure water to the evaporator and wait until the steam comes out to steam your face. It should be noted that the steaming time is generally enough for a full bottle of water to steam for about ten minutes. But if you have sensitive skin, you should shorten it to about five minutes.

3. After steaming the face, clean the face again. The mist of the face steamer machine has the effect of opening pores and cleaning dirt. So after steaming your face at home, you have to prepare a basin of warm water to clean the dirt on your face.

4. Facial mask. After steaming your face, you can continue to use the cleansing mask for deep cleansing. The cleansing of the skin is done very carefully, so that the dirt in the pores can be easily removed. A moisturizing mask can also be used. When the pores are opened, the absorption capacity of the skin will be greatly increased, and the effect of applying the mask will be better.

5. Cold compress and skin care. This is a more important step. Because the mist is hot, all the pores on the face are opened, and cold compresses are needed to shrink the pores. Prepare a cold towel and put it on your face. After the cold compress, use some moisturizing skin care products to lock in moisture.

The above is about the correct use of facial steamer machine and some other information, I hope it can help you.

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