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Do you know an electric exfoliating body brush?

When is the most relaxing time of the day? I think many people’s answer is to take a bath. When the warm water flows through the body, all the fatigue and stress are released. The electric exfoliating body brush is a good helper for bathing.

Disadvantages of traditional bathing tools

Generally, bath towels are used for scrubbing. Although the scrubbing towel can also achieve the descaling effect, this traditional method of scrubbing can only remove the dirt on the surface of the skin, and the dirt in the deep layers has not been resolved. The most important thing is that delicate skin can easily damage the dermis under brute force, thereby accelerating skin aging. And the surface of the bath towel is hard and rough, which can directly damage the skin. If you use towels, the humid, warm and dusty environment will host a lot of bacteria and mites, which is not good for your health. The bath ball has a fast foaming speed, compact and convenient. However, when using it, the back cannot be rubbed, the joints are not cleaned, and the dead skin on the heel cannot be removed.

What is an electric shower brush?

The electric body brush is composed of a brush head, a handle, and a battery cover. It has functions such as motor oscillation, 360° fast, medium and slow rotating brushes, push up and down brushes, and replaceable colloidal brush heads, so as to achieve a convenient bathing goal. The utility model is reasonable in design, simple in structure, and integrated in multiple functions. not only can it help people clean the back, but also the vibration and massage functions of the motor can eliminate the fatigue of the human body, so that you can enjoy a comfortable bathing pleasure with cleansing brush.

Advantages of electric bath brush

Our electric shower body brush is equipped with a blue and white long brush head. It uses 0.1mm soft nylon wire, which is delicate and soft to the touch like animal hair. In addition to softness, the fast foaming speed is also another advantage of it. The high-speed rotation and its soft texture make bathing more and more enjoyable. Moreover, the electric brush is also equipped with a special massage brush head, which relieves pressure, massages and relaxes. The packaging and appearance are based on blue and white, the handle body is non-slip texture, and the side non-slip strip design is not easy to slip. The electric exfoliating brush is safe and beautiful.

In addition, our electric exfoliating brush has a unique dual-position design, 360°rotating for cleaning, and high-speed vibration 210 times per minute. Although the speed is fast, it will not hurt your skin. The high-speed mode is suitable for daily scrubbing use. Our cleansing electric brush has a fast foaming speed and is suitable for people with thick cuticles. The low-speed mode is suitable for people with sensitive muscles. Please pay attention to young girls who have delicate skin, It is recommended to use the low-speed mode for the first time to let the skin adapt.

Are you interested in such a multi cleansing brush and exfoliating cleansing brush?

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