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Do you know an ionic hair straightener brush?

Many girls who love beauty also attach great importance to their hair and are very careful when choosing combs. Nowadays, the popular ionic hair straightener brush is loved by many girls. So is the hairbrush really good?

What is ionic?

Negative ions are good for the human body, so they are called “air vitamins”. Many people are very unfamiliar with negative ions. In fact, negative ions are very close to our lives. For example, after a summer rain, after the effect of thunder and lightning, the negative ions in the air increase, and people’s mood will also improve. Nowadays, air conditioners, water dispensers, hair curlershair dryers, etc. are all added with negative ions, which will unknowingly help the human body to speed up the metabolism, and the body’s immunity will also be improved.  In addition, negative ions can also increase the oxygen content in our blood vessels, which is very good for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular. Anions are widely used in various fields.

What are the ionic hair straightener brush and its function?

Ion hairbrush is a tool used to help smooth and heal the hair. It adds negative ion powder to the straightener comb. In most cases, this tool looks like a standard brush, but its bristles release ions and interact with molecular particles in the hair. They usually require some kind of power source to work properly. Using an ionic straightening brush can help reduce frizz and make the hair smoother after combing. Moreover, there are many acupuncture points in our brain. Negative ions can be easily absorbed by the human body, which can expand the coronary arteries, promote blood circulation in the brain, and reduce the occurrence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.


How to use the ionic hair straightener brush?

1. After setting the temperature of the straight hair comb brush, use the straightening brush to comb your hair.

2. Open the hair straightening comb, put the hair evenly between the teeth of the comb, then release the button to let the hair be caught between the comb teeth.

3. From the root to the tip, you can use the smoothing hair brush to pull down straight gently with your hand until the tip of the hair.

4. Repeat this action several times, 10 seconds each time, you can comb the perfect straight hair.

5. When using this hair straightening machine, if you want the best effect, you need to spray dry hair with water gently. You can use hair care oil or ordinary tap water, and use a small spray bottle to fill the water. Then gently spray a few times on the unkempt hair, and then start using this negative ion straightening comb. The straightening effect of combed hair is particularly obvious, your hair will become straight and bright. It should be noted that you should determine the temperature selection according to your current hair quality, whether you have long or short hair, you can use this negative ion straightening comb.

Ion hair brushes are indeed beneficial to the human body and helpful to the hair. If you need to buy, please contact us as soon as possible.

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