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Does the facial steamer work well?

Nowadays, when all kinds of beauty equipment emerge endlessly, the skin steamer can also be regarded as an online celebrity product in the beauty industry. As early as more than ten years ago, the steam machine for face was introduced to the market, but it was not very popular at that time. Until around 2015, under the various fancy propaganda and celebrity effects of the merchants, the personal face steamer was very popular in the market. The face steamer plays an important role in major beauty salons, especially in various laser postoperative applications, which can still exert considerable results.

The working principle and function of the facial steamer

The face steamer basically has two modes: hot spray and cold spray. The essence is to apply a hot towel or a cold towel to the face separately, and then maintain continuous heat or cold on this basis.

The thermal spray mode is to heat the water to over 40 degrees, and then spray the hot water into small droplets. The facial steamer spray is a hot compress process, and the function of water droplets is to bring heat to the face. Then the pores of the facial skin increase, blood circulation increases, and the entire skin becomes brighter, which is conducive to later skin care.

Cold spray is to directly spray cold water into small droplets. The cold spray mode is much gentler than the hot spray mode. Most beauty institutions use cold spray. After various laser treatments on the face, the cold spray can lower the surface temperature of the skin and bring humidity to the skin, so as to achieve a certain degree of soothing, heat dissipation and moisturizing effect. This is more conducive to immediate repair after laser surgery.

The benefits of facial steamer

Improve circulation

The nano-level high-temperature mist particles ejected from the facial steamer machine can improve the microcirculation of the skin, enhance the nutrient supply of the skin, nerves, and blood vessels, which keep the skin rosy, shiny and tender.

Promote regeneration

Since the nano-scale higher-temperature mist particles ionized by the facial steamer are rich in oxygen ions, the impact force generated during spraying is beneficial to enhance the skin’s absorption of oxygen ions. Under its thermal effect, it can strengthen the aerobic metabolism of the skin, increase the oxygen release of oxygenated hemoglobin in the tissues, improve the oxygen supply of the skin, reduce skin edema, exudation, blood stasis, itching, etc. Face steamer machine can also promote healing of skin lesions and regeneration of epithelial cells.

Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory

The latest face humidifier is generally equipped with an ozone generator. The ozone facial steamer will produce ozone when steaming your face, which has a certain sterilization and anti-inflammatory effect.

The effect of using the steaming face instrument on the skin is indeed very good. In order to have better skin as soon as possible, just contact us now to introduce some facial steamer.

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