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Facial steamer makes skin care more effective

Facial steamer is a modern advanced professional household moisturizing and beauty device. The basic principle is to use technology to transform water into nano-level high-temperature mist particles to open pores, unclog the pores, help detoxify the skin, speed up blood circulation, eliminate dirt, reduce dark spots and wrinkles, which make the face ruddy and delicate.

Why does the facial steamer work well?

Generally, the facial steamer machine has two levels of cold and hot, which have different functions.

The effect of thermal spray

1. The temperature of the hot steam is generally around 40°, which is close to the temperature of the human body and is very comfortable. Girls who use their eyes excessively for a long time can relieve fatigue. People with rhinitis can improve nasal congestion and so on.

2. Heat can improve blood circulation and promote the absorption of skin care products. It is very suitable for girls who do not absorb well.

3. The hot spray can clean the skin and unblock the pores, especially for acne blackhead skin, it can help soften hard acne and dirt, and facilitate the removal of the garbage.

4. In spring and summer, skin is prone to a lack of water. Long-term hunger and thirst will produce fine lines prematurely, slow metabolism which makes the skin become rough. The face steamer can help the skin replenish a lot of moisture. In addition, with the corresponding products, it can also treat skin problems.

The effect of cold spray

1. Post-sun repair is an important part of preventing pigmentation. It can also calm and soothe the skin, reduce sunburn, tan, and pigmentation.

2. Hot weather is prone to heatstroke. When people have dizziness and fatigue, cold spray can be used to wake up the brain, restore energy, and avoid heatstroke.

How to double the effect of the facial steamer?

1. After cleaning by electric facial brush, use the hot steam mode to help open the pores, and the dirt will disintegrate with the hot steam. Then wash with warm water after ten minutes. It is recommended to use non-polluting water such as distilled water and mineral water.

2. The molecular weight of distilled water, mineral water, and tap water are too large to be absorbed by the skin which can only have a cleansing function, but the moisturizing effect is almost zero. It is recommended to use moisturizing toner, which can be easily absorbed by skin with small molecular weight.

What are the precautions for using the face steamer?

1. Do not exceed 20 minutes for cold spray or hot spray. This is the same as applying a facial mask. Too much water will not be absorbed, and it will stay on the surface, but it will destroy the sebum film and make the skin drier.

2. Try to add moisturizing essence or toner in the face steamer machine to increase moisturization, and it can also improve skin problems. Because mineral water cannot be absorbed by the skin, steaming your face with it can only enhance the cleansing effect.

3. Operate the face humidifier correctly. If the operation time of the handheld face steamer is not well controlled, the commonly used water with a large molecular weight cannot be absorbed by the skin, which will easily destroy the skin’s lipid membrane barrier. If the skin loses its protective and water-locking functions, it will become more and more sensitive. Therefore, the personal face steamer can also be used with toner.

Steam machine for face makes skincare more effective. Just contact us to get the latest quotation.

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