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Guide to hair removal

More and more people want to get rid of their body hair in order to have a beautiful image, but they are worried that hair removal will affect perspiration and are not good for health, and they don’t know which way to choose hair removal is better. The following are some questions that may be encountered by novice hair removal users for your reference.

Will hair removal affect perspiration?

Many people worry that hair removal will affect perspiration, but in fact, this worry is unnecessary. Sweat comes from sweat glands, and hair comes from hair follicles. Sweat glands and hair follicles are independent. Even if the hair follicles are destroyed, people can still sweat normally. Some hair does have its meaning. For example, hair can help maintain the temperature of the head, eyebrows are important for expressing feelings, and nose hair can help block some pathogens. However, the health effects of hair on the arms, underarms, legs, fingers, and lips are really small today. So there is no need to worry that hair removal will affect your health.

Body shaver, hair removal cream, beeswax and optical hair removal, which method is good for hair removal?

There seem to be many methods of hair removal. You can choose a hair trimmer, beeswax or depilatory cream. But these can only take off the exposed hair and have no effect on the hair follicles. In other words, after two or three days, the hair will grow longer. Only optical epilators can act on hair follicles. It allows the melanin in the hair follicle to absorb light energy, and the temperature rises rapidly, thereby destroying the hair follicle tissue. If the source of the hair is destroyed, the hair growth will naturally be hit hard. Therefore, if you want to remove hair permanently, it is better to recommend an optical hair removal device.

However, optical hair removal trimmer does not mean that hair removal can be done once. It only has a significant effect on the hair in the growth period, and it has no obvious effect on the hair removal in the resting and degenerative period. The hair on our body is present in all periods, so it is impossible to remove all the hair at one time. Generally, it takes more than 4 times to achieve the effect of permanent hair removal. Many people feel that going to the hospital for laser hair removal, especially for private parts, is very embarrassing and troublesome. Therefore, consider trying a home optical electric epilator.

Is the home optical hair removal device worth buying?

Many people hesitate to buy an optical lady’s epilator, mainly because they question its effectiveness. In fact, the principle of a home rechargeable electric shaver is the same as that of a laser hair removal device in a hospital. Although the energy is lower than that of a medical laser hair clipper machine, it basically covers the band required for hair removal. Correct use can have a long-lasting effect on hair suppression. And in terms of convenience and cost, choosing a home optical shaving clippers is also a good choice.

Hope the above hair removal guide can help you. Follow us to learn more.

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