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How to Choose the Right Hair Straightener?

3 in 1 hair straightener or professional flat iron is now a hot spot for women to buy. Hair straighteners can make hairstyles more varied and convenient to use. Hair straighteners are very convenient for straightening and curling hair. There are various sizes, materials and shapes of hair straighteners on the market. So how to choose a suitable hair straightener?

Classification of Hair Straighteners

1. According to the different materials of the heating plate, the hair straightener can be divided into pure ceramic heating plate, aluminum plate with ceramic glaze sprayed on the surface and glass-ceramic plate.

The advantages of ceramic heating plate are environmental protection, good insulation performance and good safety.

The disadvantage is that the processing cycle is long and there are many processing links. And because the edges are difficult to handle and are very smooth, the hair will be pulled a little during the process of straightening the hair.

2. According to different power sources, hair straighteners are divided into wired hair straighteners and wireless charging hair straighteners.

Hair Straighteners for Different Hairstyles

1. Hair straightener for people with fine hair

Thin and fine hair is easily damaged, and it is relatively easy to straighten thin hair. You can choose a professional hair straightener with multiple heating settings, which will allow you to control the heat.

Ceramic hair straightener is a hair straightener suitable for women with fine hair. It can smooth the hair and reduce frizz. The heat distribution of the ceramic plate is even, the heat preservation time is long, and the heat can be controlled. The biggest advantage of the ceramic heating element is its fast heating speed, and it is also very environmentally friendly during use.

In addition, ceramic tourmaline ionic flat iron is also one of the hair straighteners suitable for thin and fine hair.

2. Hair straightener for people with thick hair

Unlike thin and fine hair, thick hair requires a hair straightener with a higher heat setting. It can straighten your hair quickly. If you choose a low temperature setting, you will spend a lot of time straightening the same part of the hair, which will increase the chance of damaging the cuticle.

It is recommended that you choose a hair straightener with a thick hair plate. Titanium alloys heat up quickly and maintain high temperatures, making it easier to straighten thick hair. The following types of hair straighteners are available, such as professional mirror titanium straighteners, flat hair straighteners and titanium alloy hair straighteners.

3. Hair straightener for people with curly hair

Compared to the thickness of the hair, curly hair is one of the easiest to curl and also one of the most difficult to straighten hair. In view of this, flat irons with wider plates can get twice the result with half the effort. Because wide plate straighteners provide greater grip and straighten more hair at once.

Tourmaline hair straighteners and flat irons with ceramic plates are particularly suitable for curly and curly hair.

4. Hair straightener for people with damaged hair 

For damaged hair, hair straighteners are not the best choice. But as far as hair straighteners are concerned, hair straighteners with multiple heating settings are a relatively good choice.

The heat brush distributes heat evenly and provides a smooth, smooth surface. Irons with titanium plates are suitable for damaged hair. The titanium plate uses ion technology to seal when the stratum corneum is straightened, which means extra shine and zero frizz.

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