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How to clean the hairbrush?

Oil, dirt, dander, etc. tend to accumulate in the smoothing hair brush. If you don’t clean it up on time, your hair will be soiled by the hairbrush. How should we clean the hairbrush?

How to clean the hairbrush quickly?

1. Remove hair in the hair comb. Hair does not stick to the hairbrush like dirt and dander, so it is easier to remove the hair first. Put our fingers into the teeth of the hairbrush, and then pull out the hair tangled in it. Clean up all hairs that are left, and then throw them away. If the teeth of the ionic hair straightener brush are made of natural fibers, take extra care when pulling the hair to prevent it from breaking. We can try to use tweezers to remove the hair first.

2. When washing hair, clean the straight hair comb brush by the way. If you just want to clean the hairbrush briefly, then this method may be the most trouble-free. When you are washing hair, squeeze a little shampoo on the hairbrush, and then gently rub the teeth of the hairbrush with your fingers. Finally, rinse off with water and dry the hairbrush.

How to deep clean the hairbrush?

1. Use scissors to remove hair. If you have a lot of hair and your hair straightener has not been cleaned for several months, then a thick layer of hair may have accumulated on the hairbrush. At this time, the easiest way is to use scissors to clean up. Insert the tip of the scissors into the teeth of the hairbrush, and cut the thick layer of hair along the teeth. You can cut several times so that a large layer of hair is divided into several scattered parts. At this time, you can use your fingers to remove the clumps of hair.

2. Modulate cleaning agent. Any soap-based detergent can be used to clean the straightening brush. Mix dish soap, shampoo, body wash, or soap with water and stir until the solution starts to foam.

3. Use an old toothbrush to scrub the hair straightening brush. Dip the toothbrush in your cleanser, and then use the toothbrush to clean all the teeth of the hairbrush. Each area should be repeatedly brushed several times to ensure that it is clean. After the bottom of the hairbrush is cleaned, you need to brush the teeth of the straightener comb.

4. Rinse the hairbrush. Wash off dirt and detergent with warm water. Then check carefully to see if it is really clean, and if necessary, brush it with a toothbrush again. Finally, put the ionic straightening brush in a ventilated place to dry.

Have you learned how to clean your hair dryer brush straightener now? There are different ways for you choose. A clean comb will help us pay more attention to hair hygiene. We are a professional manufacturer of hair brush, hair dryer, hair curler and facial brushes, if you have any need, pls kindly send us enquiry.

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