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How to Make a Professional Blowout for Hair at Home?

Most people usually hold a hair brush blow dryer and blow on the wet hair. As long as it is blown dry, it will be over. In fact, the hair blown out like this is often messy. So, how do you get a stylish and beautiful hairstyle? How to make a professional blowout effect at home? What professional equipment will be used for this?

In fact, it is not as difficult as imagined. With just a few simple steps and the right tools, we can all learn how to blow dry our hair like a favorite hair stylist.

Tools Needed

The use of tools is one of the secrets to the success of the blowout. For the best results, you might as well try a high-quality hair dryer with at least 1800 watts. If you have thick hair, a professional blow dryer with a power of more than 2000 watts can meet your needs. It is best to choose a turbo hair dryer with heating and speed control functions, which allows you to adjust its settings at any time. Top rated hair dryers are worth the investment.

In addition, the brush is also important, because you can use it to play a decisive role with your hair style. For curls, it is important to choose a barrel brush that matches the size of curls you want. Corresponding to the round brush is the round brush blow dryer. For smooth straight hair, a flat paddle brush will do more with less, and make sure that the dryer has a nozzle attachment to aim at the airflow.

The distance between the powerful hair dryer and the head should be at least 20cm. Divide the hair into many small areas and dry it to improve the efficiency of hair blowing. Start blowing from the roots and dry the roots as soon as possible to avoid moisture intrusion. In addition, the temperature of the hair dryer should not be too high. The cold wind is more helpful for the closure of the hair scales, and it should not be blown for too long until the hair is 80% dry.

Required Products

Excellent styling products are indispensable to achieve perfect blowout. It adds body to fine, limp hair and helps prevent hair from becoming greasy. If you have thick curly hair, it is essential to keep it curled.

After drying the hair with a towel, apply essential oils and other products evenly on the hair. At the same time, you should use a heat-resistant spray to protect your hair from the high temperature of the hair dryer.

Pre-dry Hair

Before styling with a brush, you can air-dry your hair to a dry level. Or bend your waist, turn your hair over, and then blow dry from the roots.

Divide Hair into Multiple Parts

Divide the combed hair into several parts and fix them with clips. Divide the hair into the left and right sides, and perform the steps of curling and drying. Please dry the left half clockwise and the right counterclockwise. Finally, apply a small amount of incremental product to the ends of the hair. In fact, in this step you can also use many tools to choose your hairstyle, such as automatic curling ironcordless curling iron or cordless flat iron.

Find Your Position

One of the secrets of salon blowout is that the hair stylist stands behind you and installs the hair dryer at the ideal angle. When you do it yourself, it’s not easy. It is generally recommended to sit down so that your arms can be supported.

Start with Fingers

Use your fingers to pull the hair out a few inches, and then use a quiet hair dryer to dry the hair. When the hair roots are very dry, you can use ionic hair straightener brush or triple barrel curling iron. Tighten your hair when blow-drying.

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