Blog 04 Jun 2024
How to properly shave the hair on each part?

Beauty devices have never been designed for women only, even though women make up the largest segment of the market. There are also times when men, especially those with a lot of body hair, need to use some advanced beauty or maintenance equipment. On average, almost every man owns one or two electronic beauty tools at home, such as a beard trimmer. But as men become more fashion-conscious, they want more tools to take care of their hair in different parts of their body, and each part should have its own tool.

Eyebrow trimmer

Eyebrows are the most iconic feature of the male face. A pair of bushy, regular eyebrows is a sure way to make a man feel good. In addition, they help prevent sweat and other debris from escaping from your forehead into your eyes. The shape of eyebrows can determine a man’s appearance level to some extent. Different eyebrow shapes can also reflect a person’s overall style, so eyebrow trimming is an important daily job. The idea is to retain the masculine look while reducing the weight of the eyebrows and removing the rest of the straggly hair, resulting in a cleaner, younger look.

If you have a lot of eyebrows and are messy, we recommend using tweezers to remove some of the hairs, then using a small pair of scissors and an electric eyebrow trimmer to beautify the area, and finally carefully carve the shape around the edges of the eyebrows.

Ear hair trimming tool

Ear hair is not common to all people, and the appearance of ear hair is generally regarded as a sign of aging. Therefore, middle-aged men are basically the group most affected by ear hair. For the outer ear area, the hair can be removed with tweezers. On the other hand, unsightly inner ear hair should be trimmed with a pair of scissors or an electric trimmer specially designed for cutting beards. Place the tip of the blade slightly in the ear and carefully cut off any visible hair.

Nose hair trimmer

A certain amount of nose hair is important: just like an air filter in your house, it filters out bad stuff and prevents bacteria from getting into moist nasal passages and wreaking havoc on your health. But when you notice that nose hair is about to spout nostrils, clearly visible nose hair does little more than make everyone nauseous. This is when owning a nose hair trimmer becomes a priority for men. This electric trimmer is ergonomic, easy to touch and gentle on delicate nose and ear areas, making it easy to trim excess hair.

Chest hair trimmer

If you’re a swimmer, cyclist or athlete, it makes sense to remove hair from your chest, but in general, the area should be trimmed and doesn’t need to be completely removed. We recommend getting yourself an electronic trimmer and trimming as needed.

Above all, it’s up to you which trimmer you want to use and how much hair you want to keep. But it’s important to remember that just like with your beard — one tool won’t fit all, and choose a different trimmer depending on your hair growth pattern and the finish you need.

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