Blog 05 Jun 2024
How To Reduce The Damage of Hair Straighteners?

Nowadays, people use a variety of tools to enhance their personal image. Hair straighteners are one of them. For some people who are naturally curly, or for some people who want to straighten their hair after perming, hair straighteners are certainly a good choice. However, hair straighteners need to be heated for use. Using a hair straightener to perm your hair is bound to cause some damage to your hair, and if you overuse it, it can even affect the quality of your hair to a great extent.

Why hair straighteners hurt hair

Hair products like hair straighteners that need to be heated can produce certain damage to the hair. Because the temperature on the surface of the heated hair straightener clipboard is generally around 200℃, through the heat to straighten or curl the hair, the main component of hair keratin will be lost after frequent high temperature and stretching stimulation.

What damage does a hair straightener do to your hair

The disulfide bonds in the hair get changed and destroyed by the high temperature generated by the flat iron, causing the hair to become dry, lose its luster, have no elasticity and break easily. 

Things to note when using a hair straightener

1. Do not touch the flat iron with your hands using hair straighteners.

2. Do not use the straightener multiple times on the same hair, but spread it out or it will cause the hair to become dull easily.

3. It is best to put the right amount of hair care products on your hair before using the hair straightener.

4. Be careful to keep moving the hair straightener when using it, don’t stay on your hair for too long, otherwise it will be easy to burn your hair.

5. The number of hair clamped each time should not be too much or too thick, and should be partitioned for perming.

Hair straighteners are an indispensable tool for hair styling. However, it needs to be used in the right way to reduce damage to the hair and keep it healthy.

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