Blog 05 Jun 2024
How to remove nails properly?

Nail care is an integral part of people’s daily lives, just like hairdressing. People can choose different nail styles depending on the season, clothing, and personal style changes. It is well known that before getting a new manicure, we must remove the original nail. However, many people do not understand that using incorrect nail removal methods can cause damage to the nails.

Some misconceptions about nail removal

1. The longer a manicure stays on, the better, no need to remove it

Nails covered with nail polish or nail varnish for a long time may lead to yellowing and staining of nails. Since the nail polish is not removed for a long time, the nail and nail polish will not be as close to each other. Bacteria will take advantage of the crevice, which is not conducive to the health of the nail. If you are doing a patch nail, nail growth will not only affect the beauty, but also increase the risk of breaking.

2. Remove nail polish with your hands or cut them off

The polished nail surface and nail polish stick together very tightly. If you forcibly pick off the nail polish, the surface structure of the nail will be damaged and become thin and brittle. If you choose to cut off the long part, then there will be no edge of the nail, and the nail and your own nail will form a fault, which the favorite place of bacteria.

3. Think nail polish remover is the answer to everything

If there is a no-removal sealer on the nail, then nail polish remover can’t help.

With the right technique, a manicure can last for about 3 weeks, depending on the skill of the nail technician and the quality of the nail polish. Therefore, it is recommended to remove nail polish after 2 weeks. If you want to try to remove your nails by yourself, please choose the right tools and use the right method. Here are some steps to follow for proper nail removal.

1. Sanding: Use the fine side of the sanding strip and gently sand the nail surface in the order of side-front-side.

2. Clean: Clean the nail surface with a dust brush. The effect of the nail surface after sanding: the nail surface must be covered with traces, but without grinding away the color.

3. Wrap with nail polish remover: Cut the appropriate size of tinfoil, and press a sufficient amount of nail polish remover onto the cotton. Use tweezers to cover the cotton completely on the nail surface. Then use the tinfoil pad under the nail, pay attention to seal it well, and wrap the cotton, leave it for 5-10 minutes. Then we will remove the nail remover as a whole.

5. Remove the nail remover package: Use a small steel push to gently push off the softened gel, take care to push gently, otherwise it will hurt the nail surface. Use a sponge file to gently grind away the residual gel and polish the nail surface.

7. Clean the nail surface: Use a dust brush to clean the nail surface.

8. Polishing: Polish the nail surface with polishing strips, first with the coarse side and then with the fine side.

9. Apply nutrient oil: Apply nutrient oil to the nail edge and massage until absorbed.

If you think the above methods are time-consuming and laborious, perhaps a nail sharpener is more suitable for you to use. This is now recognized as the healthiest and most environmentally friendly way to remove nails. It not only removes nails safely, quickly, environmentally friendly and healthily, but also does care, so you can pick and choose according to your needs.

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