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How to Straightening Your Hair With A Straightening Brush?

Under normal circumstances, if you want straight hair, we either go to the barber shop to do straight hair styling, or we have straight hair clips at home. However, traditional instruments, including wide plate straighteners and rotating curling irons, will hurt your hair a bit. As we all know, straightening your hair regularly can cause irreversible damage to your hair. In order not to affect the quality of the hairstyle and reduce the hair straightening time and the risk of damage, then the hair straightening comb should not just be placed in the shopping cart.

In short, electric hair straightening brush can solve your hair straightening problem. The contact area between the straight hair comb and the hair is much smaller, mainly because it uses the comb shape design, and it also has negative ion blessing. Once you understand how to use a straightening comb, you will definitely love it. This article mainly discusses how to use practical hairbrush straightener in order to get the best results.

Hair brush straighteners have many advantages. The hair brush straightener is easy to use and provides even heat distribution. The number of 3 in 1 straightener is proportional to the time required for straightening. Lower heat required means less possibility of thermal damage. Its frequency of use is less than that of straight ahead flat iron.

Steps to Straighten Hair with Straightening Brush

Shampoo first

It’s time to wash your hair before straightening your hair. Before you start styling, washing your hair will help you maintain your hairstyle longer.

Lock hair

After conditioning your hair with shampoo and conditioner, you need to apply some heat protectant to your hair. This type of thermal protection agent is mainly in the form of essence, oil or spray. It is important to choose the heat protectant that best suits your hair type. They nourish your hair and give your hair a little extra elasticity to heat treatment. You have to spray the protectant on your hands or hair first, and then apply it evenly with your hands. You can add it directly to the end, and then push it up with your finger.

Compared with the traditional flat iron, the electric straightening brush is gentler on the hair. But its daily protection is still a very important step. Straightening brush is not a conventional hair comb, so it cannot completely replace conventional hair combs, but a combination of the two should be used. Before heat treatment, make sure to comb and remove and tie the ant tangle.

Dry your hair thoroughly

It is important to dry your hair thoroughly, otherwise the high temperature of the straightening comb will cause the hair to scorch, which will permanently damage your hair.

Split your hair

If you have thick hair, then you need to use fixed hair clips to separate the hair. Turn on the power to develop a hair straightener and set the appropriate temperature.

Start brushing

Grasp the first part of the hair with one hand and lift the straightening comb from the root up. But place it under the hair so that the bristles protrude outward. This can give your hair a certain amount of tension and bulkiness at the roots, while still straightening your hair effectively. Follow the steps above to straighten the other parts.

Finishing work

Apply some hairspray to your hair to keep it in place. After the hairbrush straightener cools down, don’t forget to wipe it with a clean cloth.

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