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How to take care of different types of hair?

Hair has a great influence on a person’s image. Hair care is a very important step in our daily lives, so how should we take care of different types of hair?

How to take care of straight hair

1. Choose the washing and care products suitable for straight hair. For different hair types, the composition of each product is still slightly different. Only by choosing the right ones that directly address the needs of hair quality and hairstyle, can we better maintain straight hair.

2. Use the hair oil to supplement the hair with nourishment. After the hair is blown to about 80% dry with a ionic hair dryer, you can apply a rinse-free hair care product, and gently wipe some on the ends of the hair. This can moisturize the hair roots that are deeply damaged and are indeed more nutritious. Note that it should not be applied to the hair roots and scalp.

3. Use straight hair mousse before going out. The ends of long straight hair are prone to curling up, we can squeeze a little mousse and rub it on the ends of the hair. Only a little mousse will not make the hair sticky but can help solve the problem of the curly hair end.

4. Straighten the hair with an ionic hair straightener brush. we can use a straightener comb to clamp a small piece of frizzy hair, firmly hold the handle with our right hand to fasten the hair, then slide the hair straightening comb from the root to the end of the hair, and at the same time use a hair dryer to style the hair.

How to take care of curly hair

1. Use an ionic blow dryer to dry your hair in time. The first thing you need to pay attention to after shampooing curly hair is to dry your hair in time. Because when the curls get wet, they all stick together. If it is not dried in time, it will easily affect the bulkiness and overall beauty of the curly hair.

2. Choose the right comb. It is better not to comb the curly hair with hair straightener after washing hair. We can comb it by hand or choose a suitable hair iron. If you frequently use a smoothing hair brush to treat your curly hair, the durability of the curly hair will decrease.

3. Use elastin. Elastin is a product that cares for curly hair. Its main function is to style curly hair and increase hair elasticity. Therefore, after washing the curly hair, it is better to use some elastin to make the curly hair more elastic and increase the durability of the curly hair styling. It is recommended to take care of it with elastin after washing our curly hair.

4. Use hair care essential oils every day. Hair care essential oils are a type of hair cosmetics with hair care effects. The essence of hair care essential oils is actually “oil-based raw materials” usually used in cosmetics from natural plants, rather than real essential oils. However, it is good to protect your hair. You can apply a layer of essential oil after using the elastin.

Different hairstyles need to use different methods of care. Do you have curly hair or straight hair?

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