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How to trim boy’s hair with clippers at home?

As we all know, it’s a convenient way to cut hair at home. Unlike using hair straightener or straightener comb on girl’s long hair, trimming a boy’s hair at home seems more difficult. But right steps can make it easy to create great hair styles.

There are some steps that will show you how to cut a boy’s hair with clippers at home and keep your child’s hair looking healthy.

Step 1: Reading the guidance carefully

To begin with, you should make sure everything is prepared.There are some tips in the manual to make it easier to cut a boy’s hair with a clipper. It’s important to wash your boy’s hair before the haircut. Straight hair is easier to trim than curly hair. There are many hair straighteners online, so you can select one of these to make a smoothing treatment. For the health of your child’s hair, it’s best to choose a professional professional steam straightener.

Step 2: Choosing a right place to start

Cutting hair at home will mess up the room, so you should choose a right place to start. It’s difficult to clean the hairs right down to the floor, so the bathroom may be the best choice. Meanwhile, you should use a towel to cover both your child’s back and chest to stop unwanted hairs falling down

Steps 3: Setting the right grade of your clipper

Different hair clipper grades work for different length of hair left on your child’s head. If you want to smooth your child’s hair before cutting, it’s also important to choose right-sized straightener. There are many hair straightener for men in the market. The mini straightener is more suitable for short hair. For boy’s short haircuts, starting with hair clipper grades in 17mm is fine.

Step 4: Start cutting hair

You’d better divide your child’s hair on his head into four sections: the top, two sides and the back. You can start by cutting the boy’s hair at the side of his head. Remember that the shorter haircut needs the lower hair clipper grades (in mm). First, you should set your trimmer to 17mm.Then keep your trimmer at a 90-degree angle at the bottom of the hair and move upward. The hair at the back of child’s head often needs to be shorter. So you can set your trimmer to 11mm and repeat the steps above. Hair on the top of the head tends to be the longest, so you need to decide how long you want it to be before cutting. Scissors may be the best tool for cutting hair there.

Step 5: Creating more hairstyles

If you want to create more hairstyles, you can choose tymo combmen’s hair straightening comb to make sure your child’s hair even smoother. Or you can choose a 2 in 1 hair straightener and curler to create more great hairstyles.

There are steps of trimming boy’s hair with clippers at home. If you want to know more about hairdressing or hairdressing products, please feel free to contact us.

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