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How to use the body shaver?

Hair trimmer is a very convenient and cheap way of hair removal. Following I have compiled some tips for using a body shaver, hope it can help you.

How often is it better to shave?

The frequency of shaving depends on the rate of hair growth. Generally speaking, the growth rate of hair is relatively fast, and shaving leg hair just scrapes the hair off the surface of the skin, and the duration is not very long, so if you want to maintain smooth and tender skin, you need to repair it every 1-3 days.

Since everyone’s physique is different, the hair growth rate is also different, so the specific interval time needs to be determined according to the growth rate of your own hair and your own needs. If the hair grows faster or you have a stricter request, then the frequency of shaving by manual shaver is also higher.

How to shave correctly?

1. Apply a hot towel first. Regardless of whether it is shaving leg hair or arm hair, be sure to apply a hot towel for a few minutes before shaving. This will make the hair soft and shave more thoroughly.

2. Use body lotion. Before shaving, it is recommended to use body lotion. Many girls feel very pain after shaving, and the shaving position becomes reddish. This is because you don’t use body lotion. Actually, body lotion can make the skin smoother and reduce friction.

3. Finally, apply a cold compress. After shaving, remember to apply a cold compress with a cold towel, otherwise, it may make your skin pores very rough. The function of the cold compress is to shrink the pores.

How to clean the shaving clippers?

The shaving clippers should be cleaned, otherwise, the hair accumulates on the blade and cannot be used anymore, and the hair clippers for shaving head will easily break. You should also pay attention to drying after cleaning to avoid the problem of rust.

1. If the hair is relatively long, it is recommended to cut it short with a hair cutting trimmer first to avoid the long hair being caught in the gap of the blade.

2. The hair shavers should be rinsed in water when it shaves one or two times.

3. If there are still a lot of hairs left in the blade of a hair clipper machine, you can remove the showerhead, plug the water pipe with your fingers and leave a small gap, which can form a small high-pressure water stream to rinse the blade quickly and cleanly.

4. If the cutter head of the hair removal trimmer can be disassembled, rinse it with clean water after disassembly. If it cannot be disassembled, it means that it is a one-time product in design and is disposable after use. Do not use it more than twice.

Have you learned how to use a hair cutting machine now? In the next article, we will introduce the difference between an electric epilator and a shaver for you. Follow us to get more information.

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