Blog 05 Jun 2024
Is it okay to sharpen the blade of an electric shaver?

Almost everyone in modern society uses various types of razors, and even chooses different razors for different parts. This means that most men make cognitive mistakes on razors. Many men will use the experience of using disposable razors on current electric razors, but cheap disposable razors can throw them into the trash when the blades become unfavorable, but electric shavers Knives are expensive, and replacing a new blade requires a high price. If you treat them in the same way, it will cause a considerable loss. In addition, dull razors are dangerous because they are more likely to accidentally cut you when you are shaving. In fact, there is a misunderstanding here, that is, the razor blade does not actually become dull. The microscopic edge of the blade will oxidize over time, which will affect the cutting ability of the blade. When “sharpening” the rotating blade, you only need to remove the oxidation on the electric shaver blade and the screen. If your shaver is a wireless type, then follow our steps.

Prepare relevant materials

Choose an electric razor that you feel needs sharpening blades, a household toothpaste, a small brush, and a small basin of hot water. It is important to note that this sharpening process will wet the razor, so do not try it with a wired razor, which will damage them to a certain extent and will create an electric shock hazard the next time you use it.

Remove and simply clean the shaver

First remove the razor as usual. After disassembly, rinse the blade and surrounding area with hot water. If you find blemishes or bits of metal stuck to the edge of the blade, these little details can make the razor less effective.

Apply toothpaste properly

Take some toothpaste and place it on the palm of your hand. Slowly bring the razor closer to the palm and slowly turn the razor to make sure the toothpaste is absorbed at all angles. If you feel a slight heat on the head of the razor, do not repeat the above action and allow it to absorb. It is important to take your time here, making sure that the blades are fully rotated in the toothpaste and are evenly distributed and pass well through the blades and mesh. Finally, rinse the razor that has been soaked with toothpaste with hot water.

Electric shaver is a very valuable item. Men use it to get a cleaner appearance. An expensive electric razor is very worth investing in. After buying a high-quality razor, men have to carry out basic maintenance on it regularly. Sharpening the blade is of course the most critical part. After learning the above methods, go and buy an electric razor suitable for you. Please contact us to provide you with products and services at any time.

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