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Is Your Expensive Hair Dryer Really Worth the Money?

Professional blow dryer is a household appliance with a high daily utilization rate. In addition to safety performance, the sense of use of the hair dryer is equally important. How can we find high-quality hair dryers? The key lies in the following aspects, namely personal hair quality, use environment, personal budget and the performance of the hair dryer. Generally, a high-quality hair dryer provides a uniformly heated airflow, which not only quickly dries the hair, but also does not harm the scalp.

There are many types of hair dryers on the market. How can we distinguish the suitable hair dryer for hair from the delicate packaging?

Choice of Hair Dryer

1. The performance of the hair dryer itself

Everyone knows that low power means that the air hair dryer is slow to dry hair. But the power does not mean the greater the effect. In the case of a fixed motor, high power often means that the wind temperature is higher, but the wind does not change. High temperature not only accelerates the loss of water, but also destroys the structure of the hair.

A high-speed motor is sufficient to increase wind power. The power of the high-speed hair dryer is not large, but the wind is very strong. This is also a major reason why high-speed hair dryers can dry hair quickly. High temperature is the main cause of hair damage. Therefore, many hair dryers now have a constant temperature design.

The intelligent constant temperature depends on the temperature sensor chip of the air outlet to detect the air temperature, and at the same time automatically adjusts the temperature according to the feedback, which can prevent heat damage while drying the hair.

Some negative ion hair dryers on the market neutralize the static electricity on the hair and improve the problem of frizzy and knotted hair. Although this function does not repair hair from the root, it can make our hair look smoother and easier to manage.

2. Brand, Weight, Appearance and Material

Hair dryers must be bought from trusted and well-known brands. Hooded hair dryers are mostly used in professional hairdressing and hairdressing places, while lightweight hair dryers for women and travel hair dryers are mostly used in home places. Plastic hair dryers have good insulation, but they are not resistant to high temperatures and are prone to aging during use. The durable metal material can withstand higher temperatures.

3. Personal Hair Quality

Hair frizz is mostly caused by damaged hair, static electricity generated by friction, and excessive water loss. It is recommended to use a hair dryer with negative ion, water ion or water lock function for this type of hair.

For girls with long and heavy hair, I suggest you consider a high-speed hair dryer or a hair dryer with comb.

4. Budget

If you have a small budget, you can choose a cost-effective one. If you want a high level of satisfaction, you might as well buy a high-end smart hair dryer. This type of hair dryer is basically based on extraordinary technology, such as tourmaline hair dryer, ceramic hair dryer, le volume brush dryer and ionic hair dryer.

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