Blog 05 Jun 2024
Mens Grooming trend: Awareness About Importance of Overall Body Grooming & Beauty Consciousness

Increasing consumer spending on personal care and the growing importance of male grooming in various industries such as fashion, aviation and corporate have redefined the men’s grooming industry and thereby created huge opportunities for various companies dealing in such products. Pritech is a main professional supplier in personal and beauty care electric product industry which provide kinds of men’s grooming products. Personal grooming is done to ensure overall hygiene and proper cleanliness of the body. Introduction of innovative grooming products and several grooming solutions such as hair perfumes, beard wax and others are positively driving the men’s grooming product market growth.

At the same, the year 2020 wasn’t easy on anyone. The worldwide lockdown definitely came with changes in work and school life. But, being confined to our homes also meant new trends when it comes to our grooming. What are these men’s grooming trends?

1. Embracing your natural grey hair

2020 is also a hard year, many people began growing out their natural hair. For men worldwide, going dye-free is never easy, especially for those who are used to regularly retouching their hair colour.

Grey hair suits both of them very well. Honestly, there’s no real reason to hide it. After all, grey hair is just a part of your natural beauty, so flaunt it!

2. Learning a new “beauty salon” Skill during the pandemic

A large portion of male consumers used the lockdown time to experiment with new looks and try some different male grooming products. Some had to look professional for Zoom meetings, while others simply got bored and started searching online, finding themselves watching instructional videos on how to update their quarantined lumbersexual style.

Watching how-to videos online is nothing new, but COVID-19 transformed certain tasks into do-it-yourself projects. “Millions of men who have been unable to get their hair cut or styled these past few months have opted to cut it themselves, or have a household member do it for them,” said Dennis Fisher, founder and CEO of Bee Bald. “What that has meant is very, very short hair or a shaved head, both of which have been terrific for Bee Bald.”

The sale of mens hair grooming kit online has a big shot during the pandemic, people try to cut their hair just by watching the youtube videos.

3. Proper skin care regimes

2020 will also go down as the year when men began to take better care of their skin. Now, I’m not saying that all men avoided skincare in the past. It’s just that 2020 finally offered men a chance to take notice of their skin and hop onto the skincare bandwagon.

Perhaps even more important than the services men are currently engaging in are what they’re looking to try next—and what’s set to trend this year. Men of all ages are looking to take better care of their skin. Facials appear at or near the top of everyone’s list of what they want to try next. Barber services, too, have captured male consumers’ attention; older generations, in particular, are hoping to give it a try.

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