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Process of nail care

The purpose of nail care is to make nails shiny and healthier, which is different from nail polish. Even boys who rarely do nail art need to do nail care. So what does a complete nail care process look like?

The first step of the nail care process

If you are applying nail polish now, and there are still residual manicures on your nails, then you need to remove the nails pattern first. The specific method of nail removal is as follows: first, use a cotton pad to soak an appropriate amount of nail remover, and then wrap the entire nail in the cotton pad. Then completely wrap the fingers with tin foil, wait a few minutes, and then remove the tin foil and cotton pad. Soak your fingers in warm water for 5 minutes and wipe them clean with a cotton pad again. Basically the nail polish is removed now.

The second step of the nail care process

After removing the previous manicure, you can start nail care. First, use the manicure pedicure set to exfoliate. The method of exfoliation is as follows: you need to soften the keratin first, and then apply a layer of perineal moisturizing oil. Then use the electrical foot callus remover to push away the keratin on the nail, the method used is to push outward from the edge. Finally, with the help of a nail sharpener, trim the nail circumference to remove the dead keratin.

The third step of the nail care process

The next step is to do the manicure. The method is as follows: trim the nails with nail clipper sharpeners. Then, use the foot file to gently polish the tip of the nail to create a perfect nail shape!

The fourth step of the nail care process

Now you need to polish the nail surface. The method is as follows: Use a pedicure foot file to polish the nail surface, and then use an electric nail grinder to polish the nail surface in a horizontal direction. After this step, the nails are basically shiny and look good.

The fifth step of the nail care process

The last step is to apply a moisturizing primer to the nails to keep the gloss longer. Although these steps seem a bit cumbersome, the effect of the nail care process is very good, and the nail care will be more successful.

When nails grow, they can easily hide dirt and breed bacteria. Therefore, many people are accustomed to using nail pliers sharpeners to cut their nails very short. In fact, this will not only not protect the fingers, it will also have a counterproductive effect. The nails are cut too short, it is easy to hurt the nail bed during work or housework. If the soft tissue at the tip of the finger is not covered by the nail, the tip of the nail will grow inward. In severe cases, it will induce paronychia and be vulnerable to fungus. Therefore, we should trim the nails frequently by nail cutter sharpener to keep the inside and outside clean without residual dirt. But also leave a certain length of nails to prevent finger injuries.

manicure and pedicure set is required for nail care. Have you already prepared it?

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