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Specific use and maintenance of nose hair trimmer

Daily removal of nose hair can make our appearance more tidy. The proper way to treat nose hair is to use a professional nose hair trimmer because it is easy and painless. It’s well known that nose hair is an important part of the immune system and effectively filters out dust and bacteria, so it doesn’t need to be completely removed. In general, electric trimmers are very safe to use, but improper use can lead to ingrown hair follicles, so you need this article to help you better understand this beauty tool.

How to remove nasal hair in steps

Don’t start with a nose hair trimmer, especially if you have a lot of nose hair growth. First you need a clean mirror with plenty of light around it. Step 2 You need to clean your nostrils with a wet paper towel to make sure there is not too much mucus or boogers in your nose. Please note that if your nose is frequently allergic, try not to trim nose hair when the condition is severe. Then gently dip your moistened fingers into your nose to keep the hair moist. Finally, use an efficient nose hair trimmer. Gently push your nose up to expose your nostril, turn on your electric nose hair trimmer and insert it into your first nostril. Surround it gently, without pushing it further, to trim the tip of the visible nasal hair follicle. The nose trimmer is equipped with a safety guard to prevent cutting or bruising the inside of the nose. That said, to be on the safe side, avoid pushing the trimmer to the sides of your nostrils. There are also manual nose hair trimmers that operate without any electricity. However, they are less comfortable to use and often require both hands, making it harder to see what you are doing. Another advantage of electric nose hair trimmers is that many models come with different accessories for trimming other types of body hair.

How to store and maintain nose hair trimmers

Always wash the nose hair trimmer after each use to make sure there is no excess hair on the blade. You need to remove the blade from the trimmer and rinse it under running water. Of course, some nose hair trimmers don’t have removable blade attachments, so read the instructions carefully.

After all, this electric beauty tool is used on the sensitive parts of the body, so simple washing does not guarantee its cleanliness. Spraying the disinfectant on the blade can disinfect the electric trimmer well and prevent it from rusting.

General electric pruning equipment comes with a casing, and it can effectively extend its service life by putting it in the casing and keeping it dry.

Many nose trimmers can be used on other parts of the body, such as the ears, eyebrows, and the sides of the neck. Please consult the user manual of your specific model to see if you can use it in other ways. If you are interested in finding suppliers of nose trimmers, please contact us.

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