Blog 05 Jun 2024
The development trend of the nail market

Young consumers’ pursuit of exquisite makeup is no longer confined to the face. In recent years, more and more consumers have flooded into the nail market. The prosperous growth of the nail market is closely related to the improvement of people’s quality of life. The upgrading of consumption is also urging the expansion of this market. Entering the nail market in 2021 may be a good choice.

Analysis of the status quo of the nail industry

With the rapid development of China’s economy and the renewal of consumption concepts, based on the experience of mature foreign market development, China’s nail industry will enter a stage of rapid development, and the consumer group will gradually expand. Nail art will not only become more fashionable, but also more usual. According to the forecast of the industry strategy research institution: the future China’s beauty industry market will have an annual growth rate of 20%-30%, which has greater market expansion space and potential than other industries. At the same time, the development of the nail industry has also driven the sales of manicure pedicure set, electrical foot callus remover, foot files, nail sharpeners and other nail products.

According to survey statistics, 70% of women in China are willing to go to the store to enjoy services. As my country’s wealthy class gradually expands, this group will continue to expand. Judging from the experience of developed countries such as Europe, America, Japan and South Korea, the demand for nail art by women is very large. Many people even buy nail clipper sharpeners, pedicure foot files, electric nail grinders and other nail products to try their own nail care. And this is also an inevitable trend in the future of China’s nail industry.

Market prospects of the nail industry

According to forecast analysis, it is expected that the market prospects of the nail industry will continue to grow in the next 5 years, especially during the dividend period of rapid domestic economic growth. At present, the concept of Chinese women’s love of beauty and pursuit of fashion is getting stronger and stronger, and their consumption levels are getting higher and higher.

In addition, the younger generation of consumers also have sufficient spending power, so the domestic nail industry will be a stage of rapid development in the next 5 years. The vibrant pop culture and fashion atmosphere provide a broad industry background for the scale development of the nail industry. Faced with such a huge female consumer market, the future business development of the nail industry will take branding, specialization and scale as the mainstream direction.

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