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Tips to keep hair healthy after curling

Frequent use of curling irons can damage the hair. Because high temperature will change the original molecular structure of the hair, it is easy to make the hair lose its suppleness and luster. So when we use hair curlers everyday, what should we do to keep hair healthy?

Choose the right conditioner

Different hair types should choose different conditioners. For loose curly hair and oily hair, you can choose a mild and refreshing conditioner with a moisturizing effect. If the curly hair is relatively fine and dry, it is suitable to use a more moisturizing conditioner. If the hair is damaged severely, it is necessary to choose a special conditioner for damaged hair.

Do brazilian blowout care regularly

In addition to using conditioner to care for your hair when you wash your hair, you can also do brazilian blowout regularly to replenish nourishment and repair damaged hair. Generally, it is enough to do 1-2 times a week.

Use hair essential oils

Among many hair care products, the nutrients of hair care essential oils are very high, which can provide targeted repair and nourishment effects on perms and dyes. After washing the hair, blow the hair to a semi-dry state, then evenly apply the essential oil to the ends of the hair, and finally dry the hair thoroughly with a hair dryer. It is better to choose a ionic blow dryer to protect hair.

Choose the high quality curling iron

If you need to use a hair straightener or curling iron wand frequently, be sure to choose a ion curling iron made of a material that does the least damage to your hair. The cheap curling irons are usually made of unevenly heated metal, so it is easy to burn your hair. The ceramic curling iron heats quickly and evenly, so the possibility of scalding the hair is greatly reduced. Ion curling irons also generate negative ions, which help smooth the cuticle and increase shine. Therefore, it is recommended to choose ceramic curling iron.

The temperature of the hair dryer should not be high

Many people are accustomed to washing their hair with an ionic hair dryer to speed up the speed of hair drying, but you should not use the high temperature to blow the hair, otherwise it will cause the hair to be particularly frizzy and affect the curly hair styling. And it is more appropriate to blow your hair 15cm away from the air outlet of the hair blow dryer.

Eat more vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins

As we all know, if the body lacks vitamins, it will cause the hair to lose luster, especially after a perm, this phenomenon will be more obvious. For example, vitamin B can promote hair growth and give the hair a natural luster, and vitamin C can activate the walls of capillaries so that the hair can smoothly absorb nutrients from the blood. Therefore, we should usually eat more vitamin-rich vegetables and fruits. Among them, celery, spinach, mango, banana, leeks, etc. are rich in such nutrients. They not only restore healthy and shiny hair after perm, but also can be used for beauty and skin care.

Have you learned how to keep hair healthy if you need use the curling iron frequently?

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