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What do you need to know about electric clippers?

The barbers of every hair salon are committed to choosing the most practical hair clippers and trimmers to provide customers with the best styling experience. Once they have their favorite electric beauty tools, they will want to take good care and maintenance of them, so as to ensure that the hair clippers can carry out hairdressing work for a long time. The following is a complete maintenance guide.

Why do I need to maintain hair clippers regularly?

Electric clippers that are not cleaned frequently have various hidden dangers. Hair, skin debris, and residual oil can damage the electric hair clipper. Once the electric clipper fails, you will most likely need to replace it with a new one. This means that you need to re-run with the new machine, which will also reduce the customer’s haircut experience.

Optimal maintenance method

To get the best way to clean the clipper, follow these steps: First turn off the power to the clipper and remove any attachments that are in use. Then use a softer brush to carefully clean the hair and dirt visible to the naked eye on the electric clippers. The average professional barber is equipped with an antibacterial hair spray, which removes most residual hair and prevents cross-infection. For a deeper cleaning of the electric trimmer, remove the blade with a screwdriver and clean thoroughly with a professional solution or disinfectant. Always remember not to use cleaning blades as this can cause them to rust.

The best way to clean a clipper is to use a professional scissors spray. This is because the aerosol helps loosen any remaining hairs, while the formula is designed to help prevent rusting and cool the blade while disinfecting. But if you’re a home-style electric barber, you can use alcohol as an alternative.

Oil the electric clippers regularly

It is strongly recommended that you use professional hair clipper oils, which can extend the life of hair clippers and trimmer blades as much as possible. Generally, this hair clipper oil only needs to be used on the top blade, otherwise the excess oil may enter the motor part. Most electric beauty equipment needs regular oiling to keep them lubricated. More importantly, oil can prevent your scissors from rusting and help them stay sharp for longer.

If you do not follow these hair clipper maintenance steps, you may find that your hair clipper becomes dull, pulls your hair, clicks and does not produce the smoothing effect you expect-so take care of them and they will take care of you. If you need any new electric hairdressing supplies, please contact us immediately.

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