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What hairdressing tools should be prepared for beginners to learn hairdressing?

Hairdressing is a technique and an art. The hairdresser uses his hands to create a fashionable style, which will make people more individual in life. So what hairdressing tools should be prepared for beginners to learn hairdressing?

Scissors tools

Scissors are indispensable for haircuts. There are indeed many types of scissors in modern hair cutting, such as tooth shears scissor, straightsnips, and electric hair clippers.

1. Tooth shears are barber shears used to manually thin hair. Many people have thicker hair, and ordinary straightsnips cannot achieve the effect of thinning their hair, so tooth shears scissors are more suitable.

2. Straightsnips. This is the most commonly used professional hair clipper for cutting hair.

3. Electric hair clippers. Electric hair cutters are hair trimmers that improve the efficiency of haircuts. The best use is to cut a handsome hair style for men, and they are mostly used in men’s haircuts.

Perm and hair dye tools

Many people think that Europeans and Americans have beautiful curly hair, so they imitate them to curl their hair. Therefore, there are hair curlers, tin foil, hairpins, hair spray, ironing and dyeing equipment. The round machine you saw when you went to the barber shop was for ironing and dyeing. If some people are not satisfied with natural curls, they can also straighten their hair by hair straightener. Long straight hair is also very beautiful.

Hair dryer

Professional hair dryers are very different from household blow dryer. The power of professional hair dryers is at least 1500W, and some salons even use 3800W hair dryers. The power of the hair dryer is large, and the shaping effect will be faster and better. Moreover, the wind and heat of professional hair dryers have more switching gears, which can be adjusted according to actual needs. Generally, there are two types of air ducts, one can spread the wind and distributes it evenly, which is suitable for blowing curls or creating layers of hair. The other is to concentrate the wind to heat and shape in a small area, which is suitable for blowing straight hair or partial styling.

Auxiliary tools

What are the auxiliary tools? All kinds of combs are essential. Whether it is cutting or blowing hair, a comb is used. During the operation, a comb brush is needed to comb and control the hair. Generally speaking, a comb with a wide pitch is used to control heavy hair. The fine-tooth comb is used to treat shorter or less hair. There is also a cloth, try to keep the short hair cut off from entering the clothes. And the mens razor kits should be prepared, some men will choose an additional service to shave.

Hairdressing tools are an important helper for hairdressers to make money. If you want to satisfy consumers, you should first prepare the  professional tools which have quality control and use handy. Contact us now to get the latest quotation.

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