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What Mistakes Do You Make When Drying Your Hair?

Many people generally think that if you don’t learn about hairdressing first, drying with professional blow dryer will damage your hair, such as split ends, texture, looseness, burst and breakage. However, if you can use a hair dryer correctly, your hair will remain healthy despite the use of hot air. But you only need to consider some basic operating principles to avoid it.

Although there are many types of hair dryers, the structure is similar. The hair dryer is composed of a shell, a handle, a motor, a fan blade, an electric heating element, a wind deflector, a switch, and a power cord. The commonly used types of hair dryers are mainly hooded hair dryerportable hair dryercordless blow dryer and rechargeable hair dryer.

Mistakes You Make When Drying Your Hair

1. Hair is too damp and too dry

If the hair is completely dry after washing, it is useless to use a blow dryer with comb to style it. Dried hair has been styled. Hair styling that is too wet is also poor, because too much water weighs too much. In addition, after washing, the core of the hair-the cortex will swell and become particularly fragile.

It is best to have a wet hairstyle. Dry with silent hair dryer at 60-80% humidity. How to measure these 60-80%? After washing, dry the hair with a dry towel so that the water does not drip, and then use a hair dryer without a comb to dry the hair from the roots.

2. Hair dryer without heat protection

Hot equipment will damage the hair because moisture will evaporate from the hair and the cuticle will rise. Therefore, thermal protection is not a useless invention, but a very useful tool function. It covers the hair with a film, which minimizes the negative effects of the hair dryer. Usually after shampooing, care ingredients are added, such as vitamins, hair oil, and protein. These ingredients can also soften and nourish your hair. Some hair dryers on the market are very smart, such as ionic hair dryertwin turbo hair dryer and dual voltage hair dryer.

3. Blow your hair down from the top of your head

It is best to use a hair dryer to guide the air flow from bottom to top. During the drying process, you can hold most of the hair with your hands, lift the comb or dry it upside down. It is best to use a lightweight hair dryer to guide the airflow along the hair from the root to the end. At this time, the scalp cuticle scales will close, and the hair will become smoother and have a natural luster. This also applies to traditional drying and stacking for scrubbing.

4. Do not use cold air to fix the curl

Hair changes shape when it is heated, and it sets shape when it cools. Therefore, if you want to curl the ends or brush out the curls with a brush, wrap your hair around the comb, heat it with hot air, and then cool it with cold air. The hair will set this shape and stay longer.

5. You are not using a nozzle

The accessories that came with the hair dryer can be conveniently hidden under the bathroom sink. But do you make the most of this sucker? The suction cup can spray heat on the hair to give the hair a smooth appearance.

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